BWV std & BCV, VERO Review!! Great Trip...

kathy carleton

Jun 6, 2001
REturned last week and finally unpacked!! here is a little about our trip!:

14 days in Florida!
*began the weekend with 2 nights at POR ... fabulous resort- we always love this place and got a wonderful location in AB 15, just as we requested... what a way to start a trip at the world! ate at Boma and Chefs de France that weekend, using DDE, and well enjoyed
*on the BWV- Sun - Fri stay in our 1st use of our DVC points (have rented for years... took too too too long to buy in!!).. 1 Br standard view BWV. What a delightful stay!! love that bathtub!! had groceries delivered from Garden Grocers... good choice.. will do that every time! we were on the 3rd floor way at the end towards MGM.. this was a great location.. pretty view, and easy access to pool, parking and whatever we needed. Also, the Community Hall was well enjoyed!! we really did not do much at the parks for this part of the trip...this could not have been better. on DP and enjoyed meals at Spoodles, Flying Fish, and Hoop de Doo among others..
*Fri- send husband off to airport and daughter and i off to Vero BEach!! how delightful.. had studio in building 15 (only problem- make sure you get correct directions to VB from valet... we went an hour out of our way and got lost going down.... told that happens frequently!) This was perfect, and the slide is my favorite! VEro Beach is a delightful town as well, and the activities for the children are wonderful. really enfjoyed this resort!
*Sun-Thurs - BCV! love this place, and really enjoy all that it has to offer. we have stayed here many times and will probably always try to add a few days in the summer time because of SAB... Did not like room (studio) that we were originally given... 3rd floor over the road with screaming babies on either side of us. Requested another location, and we were accomodated.. to a studio over Ariel's courtyard.. DP: Mama Melrose, Crystal Palace, Marrakesh, Kona Cafe (loved this!)..

2 weeks is a long time, but we are going back in 2 more weeks!!! What took us so long to buy in???? And i must say that i was surprised that we were able to book these accomodations in Feb. and easily get these fabulous resorts!!

Only question i have: Does VWL have a community hall?? that appears to be really important for us... since we go so often to the world, we do lots of other activities as well, and the crafts and things offered for the children is a delightful addition.. thanks !!:hippie:
What a nice trip you had!
VWL doesn't have a community hall, but they do offer crafts and activities. You get a schedule at check in. One thing that I remember is Cookie decoration and that was at Roaring Forks.

The lifeguards/CM at VWL had a few water games going for the kids at the pool. They took them over to the beach for a water balloon toss. As soon as the CM announced them my 6 yr old was out of the pool and on his way. My boys loved VWL.

Kathy, what was your opinion of BWV? I have read TR, of a long time BWV owner who was very dissapointed in the condition of her room. Would really like to know as my DS's have decided that DH can't always stay at SSR and they want to try all the DVC's.
we were thrilled with our accommodations at BWV! it was just lovely and i am very very picky..I had been concerned with a stand. view room, and we were very pleased in all aspects of our trip. Only negative i can offer, is that it is obvious to me that the car valet guys are not wdw cm's. We were very close to the end stairwell (yes, elevators are a ways away).. and it worked out great. I thought the room, kitchen, everything was in perfect order. We liked BWV much better than BCV! Very Pleased.

thanks for the info on activities and crafts at VWL- taking nephew with my 8 year old in 2 weeks, t hat will be perfect!

Thanks! I think we may try either one or maybe both for a "surprise" end of elementary school trip for my eldest(well DH will let the cat out of the bag in the next 11 months :headache: ). Thank goodness the 7 month window will be in Nov when they are in school.

Hi Kathy,

Glad you had a wonderful trip.

We are headed down for our 1st stay at BWV in August. We will not be doing a lot of park time and are planning on enjoying the resort. Could you tell us a little more about the activities in Community Hall. We have 2 kids, 7 and 4 and wonder if there is anything geared towards those age groups. Both kids love arts and crafts, and games.


They had a really good variety of activities- there always seemed to be a few children in the community hall playing ping pong or other types of games that are available there. then, there is a schedule of activities that range from various craft activities (some have a small charge- well worth it) and others at no charge- pin trading or other activities. my 9 yr old loved it!! and the pool is right there, so we could sit at the pool and let her do her thing inside. a delightful stay. enjoy!
Thanks Kathy,

We were hoping to avoid the really hot part of the day relaxing in the air conditioning, so I am quite sure the kids will be entertained.
Sounds like you had a great trip....

WL has the Cubs Den....
2:30-4:00 there is craft for resort guests....

at 4:30 it is the kids club.....drop em off:goodvibes


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