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    Aug 26, 2003
    We used the busses for trips to/from DHS and the MK and we had no problems at all. The buses came quick enough, much sooner than what's advertised, if that's every 20 minutes.

    Saturday morning DGS spent time with us in the Community room and then back in the villa, and in the afternoon, he wanted to join his parents at the MK. DH and I did drive to the Springs, at 3PM and left the car in a lot. We got a bus to the MK and back. We were back at the Springs by 10 after 4, having gone to the MK, walked to the entrance and gave DGS to his parents by the RR station on Main Street.

    We all used the THV bus exclusively to get to/from DHS on Sunday and again, no one had any bus inordinate delays. We were two groups, one left early in the morning and the other group was leaving the Treehouse around 2. We were all very pleased with the service.

    Mosquitoes were a problem on the rainy and overcast days.

    DS/DH did barbecue hamburgers for us on Sunday!:banana: Delicious, and that was something I've always wanted to do at a villa, and the THV have the grill and utensils right there, it was great!

    I don't walk or do steps very easily. However, there are metal handrails on each side of the steps, and that makes it possible for me to hold on and it makes it easier for me to do the steps. It may not look pretty but it works!:thumbsup2

    The weather was a bit too cool for us to swim on Saturday or Sunday, but I enjoyed the jacuzzi. I really loved the treehouse stay!

    The "welcome" mat had a loop in the binding and DGS trips. I had to call twice, (about 15 hours apart) but the mat was either fixed or replaced very soon after the second call.


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