Busch Gardens Annual Passholder - Ever Get a DC Discount Offer?


Florida Retiree Wannabe
Oct 16, 2000
We have Annual Passes (Gold) for Busch Gardens Williamburg for 2002. Has anyone ever received any sort of discount offer for Discovery Cove by being a Busch Gardens AP holder?


No post card offers yet, but on the web site, if you enter your bar code from your AP, then click on SeaWorld Florida, there is a link for DC, and here's what it says.

SeaWorld Orlando Passport Members, SeaWorld Orlando/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Passport Members and SeaWorld Orlando/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay/Adventure Island Passport Members receive a special rate of $169.00 plus tax for the dolphin swim package, and $79.00 plus tax (valid through 2/28/02; $89.00 3/1 - 12/31/02) for the non-dolphin swim package.
Hmmm. That's interesting. I was just there and was told by a SeaWorld spokesperson (who's word should be definitive) that they nevr give discounts.

OTOH, they day I was at DC, there were only 250 guests.
When the park first opened , there was a discount offer for admission without the dolphin experience. It was sent to season pass holders of Busch Gardens and Sea World. I recall it was $79. Not sure if the Williamsburg folks got this. Anyway, there have been no other discounts mailed to me. That is why we have never gone.

Just read robvia's post. It looks like there is a discount. I stand corrected. We will probably take them up on the deal this summer!


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