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    Aug 7, 2008
    i had been looking at clips on youtube and ash seems quite taken with this. i think its the banging your knife and fork lol. she will be almost three when we go. do you think that she is too young for this show. does it depend on the child. she has gone to the cinema and shows in disneyland already and i am taking her to see a production of annie next week.

    is it worth the cost to go see it. i have read the food isnt up to much.

    how involved are mickey and co in it now?

    i think if i did take her i would buy her a seat anyway. i wouldnt eat and have nothing for her. and i dont think i would want her sitting on my lap through dinner. can you buy a ticket for under 3s if you want?

    thanks to anyone who can help
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    Sep 17, 2008
    My DD went for the first time a couple of days after her 3rd birthday and she loved it. In fact it was one of the things she went on and on about endlessly. Banging cutlery and shouting "Ya'll Come" non stop. The food is not that bad. The corn bread, chilli and apple crumble were good. I couldnt really see what I was eating for the main course and it was a bit greasy for me.

    I quite enjoyed the addition of Mickey and friends on our last trip. Although it did seem to take away some of the authenticity of the wild west. I think particularly for the kids though they were good fun getting the audience to sing along with songs:goodvibes
  3. mummybear

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    Jan 9, 2008
    My little girl was a week off her 3rd birthday when we went for the first time in June. She had been unwell the day before and on the day we went, so I wasn't expecting too much of her. Well, she loved it! It was the happiest we had seen her during our trip. She loved all the shouting and especially the banging of the cutlery. She keeps tipping her pretend hat and shouting "Yee Hah" still now, after 2 months :)

    She can be a bit restless when sitting too long, but the show kept her captivated. The food isn't the best I've eaten, but there wasn't anything bad about it (I agree it's a bit greasy). We didn't get a seat for her, but she still got a hat and pudding. But, if I had of been on my own with her, I'd probably pay, so then she wouldn't be on my knee.

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