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    Nov 23, 2002
    I can't find any thread on Buena Vista Suites - has any one stayed there? Is it acceptable? and how does it compare to the Caribe Royale?

    Due to a change in circumstances, we will be arriving two days early into Orlando. We will have two adult women (me and my sis) her DD13, DD10 and DS 12. On the second night we will add my DS16. After those two nights, we move to a large timeshare condo, so this is a temporary arrangement.

    I have an excellent rate at Caribe Royale for a one bdrm, two queen beds and a sofa bed, I think it's a double, no breakfast. I like the look of this hotel (based on web pages and reviews)

    I found a better rate at the sister hotel, Buena Vista Suites, right next door. The beds are doubles, but it does include breakfast. Place looks a little plainer all around. Are the rooms smaller? Many review sites say you can use the pools etc at Caribe Royale, but the reservation clerk said no. Anyone have experience with this?

    And just to complicate things, I have another reservation at the Fairfield Inn in the Marriot Village at Little Lake Bryan for two bedrooms, two double beds each, includes breakfast - also a rather plain looking property, but adequate (based on my other Fairfield Inn Experiences.) This rate for the two rooms is the same as the small suite at Caribe Royale, and it would give us four beds and two bathrooms. (hmmm - this is starting to look like the best option, isn't it?)

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks -
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    Aug 17, 2002
    Stayed there with a school group. Things could have changed but the room was very acceptable and the breakfast was fresh and very good.
    I was very pleased with the hotel

    I know where the Fairfield Inn is and it does not look as nice as the Buena Vista Suites.

    DS is in the College program and he is staying in the Commons that is at Little Lake Bryan.

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