Buena Vista Palace

Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by LizAgna, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. LizAgna

    LizAgna DIS Veteran

    Apr 13, 2005
    I have a friend that keeps insisting that Buena Vista Palace is a Disney resort and that she will be using ME to get from the airport to the hotel. I told her that she needs to confirm this with the resort because she has gotten the wrong info.

    She also says that they will be using the WDW transportation system to get to and from the parks. She knows will have to walk to DTD to catch the busses. How far is the Buena Vista Palace from the DTD bus stops?
  2. Acklander

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    Sep 14, 2004
    Buena Vista Palace is right next to Downtown Disney, but from what I understand the Downtown Disney busses don't go to the parks. When I stayed there I just used the busses at the hotel, I didn't walk to Downtown Disney for them.
    I didn't take ME (so not sure if it's offered) since I always rent a car, however I was able to take advantage of having purchases sent back to the hotel and the extra magic hours so they have some affiliation with Disney.

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