Brothers Trip | Maxing out Disney before Star Wars. PTR (in depth) Aug 17-26 2019


Earning My Ears
Jun 9, 2019
~ The last “slow summer” Maxing out Disney before Star Wars. Aug/17-26/2019 (In Depth pre-trip plans and thoughts) Basic Universal plans at end if interested.

Resort: Yacht Club (Club Level - Water View)
Fast pass: 42 Booked (6 days CL fast passes)
Dinning: DDP Booked (16 table service w/ 5sig)
Events: MNSSHP Aug 23rd! (First time for us)
Parties: Aug 19 After fireworks w/ plaza garden
Upgraded Magic Bands: haha...
Total: 8 Days at Disney
Resort: Portofino Bay (Deluxe - 2 Queen)
Pass: Annual pass w/ express unlimited
Dinning: 2 Table Service 2 Counter & StarB
Total: 2.5 Days at Universal

This year I decided to take my little brother on his first trip to Disney World and after an early discount made a club level room $9 cheaper per night than my rack rate standard booking I figured why not take this opportunity to see all the magic Disney has to offer before the next 3 years of additions raise attendance even more.

This will be my ninth trip to WDW I am 24 now but most visits where when I was much younger when my family owned DVC at the Beach Club. My brother will be 15 on this trip and I’m excited to show him Disney for the first time. To me crescent lake is home and when I’m there I know and feel like I’m in Disney. We always stayed at Beach Club or Boardwalk and now that I’m older and can visit myself I have actually found to enjoy yacht club the most post renovations. It’s elegant and calm without a sense of being stuffy and the new rooms are outstanding. I couldn’t turn down the option to try Yachts services as a club level guest.

~This Post
This is actually my first post on the boards and now at about 51 days out I wanted to try to use the forums to consolidate my planning notes and also hopefully get any advice on potential tweaks for more optimal touring.

~ Plans
FP=Fast Pass | RD = Ride w/o FP | DN = Dining
SH=Show | TR = Travel | FT = Free Time | E = Event
  • All times reflect the reservation made at the starting time (1:00-2:00) = One o clock reservation.

  • Day 1 (Arrival & EP) Saturday
7:00-10:00am (TR) Flight to MCO
10:00-11:45am (TR) DME to Yacht Club
11:45-12:30pm (TR) Check In & Head to Epcot
1:00-2:30pm (DN) Lunch at Rose and Crown
2:05-3:05pm (FP) Soarin
3:20-3:50pm (RD) LwtL or Pixar Movie
3:05-4:05pm (FP) Spaceship Earth
4:15-4:45pm (RD) Figment
4:05-5:05pm (FP) Mission Space
5:15-6:45pm (FT) Explore Epcot / Resort / Pool
7:10-8:30pm (DN) Dinner at Le’cellier
8:30-9:00pm (TR) Spot for Illuminations
9:00-9:20pm (SH) Illuminations!
9:30-12:00am (FT) Boardwalk / Resort / Room

  • Day 2 (AK) Sunday
8:30-9:30am (DN) Breakfast at Cape May
9:30-11:30am (FT) Resort/Pool/Boardwalk/EP
11:30-12:30pm (TR) Head over to AK
12:00-1:00pm (FP) Dinosaur
1:00-2:00pm (FP) Everest
2:00-3:00pm (FP) Kali River Rapids
3:00-3:30pm (RD) Bugs Life
3:30-4:00pm (FT) Explore/Snack
4:00-5:00pm (FP) Safari
5:15-6:30pm (DN) Dinner at Tiffins (ROL Pckg)
6:00-7:00pm (FP) Navi River Journey
7:00-8:00pm (FP) Flight of Passage
8:00-8:45pm (TR) Head over to ROL
8:45-9:15pm (SH) Rivers of Light!
9:15-10:15pm (TR) Head back to Yacht Club
10:15-12:00am (FT) Resort/Pool/Boardwalk

  • Day 3 (MK) Monday
7:00-7:30am (DN) Lounge or Marketplace
7:30-8:15am (TR) Head over to MK for RD
8:15-9:00am (FT) Explore main st/spot for RD
9:00-9:30am (RD) Splash Mountain
9:30-10:00am (RD) Big Thunder Mountain
10:00-10:30am (RD) Jungle Cruise
10:30-11:00am (RD) Pirates
11:00-11:45am (RD) Haunted Mansion
12:00-1:15pm (DN) Lunch at Skipper Canteen
1:00-2:00pm (FP) Buzz Lightyear
2:00-2:40pm (RD) Caroselle of Progress
2:00-3:00pm (FP) Space Mountain
3:15-3:45pm (RD) People Mover
3:00-4:00pm (FP) Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
4:00-5:00pm (FP) Splash Mountain
5:00-6:00pm (FP) Big Thunder Mountain
5:30-6:00pm (RD) Small World
6:15-7:30pm (DN) Dinner at Liberty Tavern
7:00-8:00pm (FP) Haunted Mansion
8:15-8:45pm (TR) Head over to Plaza Garden
9:00-9:30pm (SH) Happily Ever After
9:30-10:15pm (DN) After Fireworks Desert
10:15-11:30pm (TR) Back to Yacht Club

  • Day 4 (HS) Tuesday
7:30-8:15am (DN) Lounge/Marketplace
8:15-9:00am (TR) Head over to HS
9:00-9:30am (RD) Rockin Rollercoaster
9:30-10:00am (RD) Tower of Terror
9:00-10:00am (FP) Tower of Terror
10:00-11:00am (FP) Rockin Rollercoaster
10:45-11:15am (SH) Lightning Mc’ Queen
11:00-12:00pm (FP) Star Tours
12:00-12:30pm (SH) Indiana Jones
1:00-2:30pm (DN) Lunch at 50’s Prime Time
2:30-4:30pm (FT) Resort/Pool/Boardwalk
4:15-5:15pm (FP) Alien Swirling Saucers
5:15-6:15pm (FP) Toy Story Mania
6:20-7:45pm (DN) Hollywood Brown Derby
7:00-8:00pm (FP) Slinky Dog Dash
8:15-9:00pm (TR) Head up to Fantasmic
9:00-9:30pm (SH) Fantasmic! (Dining Pckg)
9:30-10:15pm (TR) Head back to Yacht Club
10:15-12:00am (FT) Resort/Pool/Boardwalk

  • Day 5 (AK & EP) Wednesday
7:30-8:15am (DN) Breakfast at Cape May
8:30-9:00am (TR) Head over to AK
9:00-9:45am (RD) Everest
9:00-10:00am (FP) Safari
10:00-11:00am (FP) Everest
11:00-12:00pm (FP) Flight of Passage
12:00-5:00pm (FT) Pandora/Resort/Pool/Nap
5:00-6:30pm (DN) Yachtsman Steakhouse
6:00-7:00pm (FP) Test Track
7:00-8:00pm (FP) Mission Space
8:00-9:00pm (FP) Soarin
9:00-9:30pm (SH) Illuminations!
9:30-12:00am (FT) EP/Resort/Pool/Boardwalk

  • Day 6 (AK & HS) Thursday
7:30-8:15am (DN) Breakfast at Cape May
8:30-9:00am (TR) Head over to AK
9:00-10:00am (RD) FoP or Everest crowd level
9:30-10:30am (FP) Everest
10:30-11:30am (FP) Flight of Passage
11:30-12:30pm (FP) Navi River Journey
12:30-1:00pm (TR) Head over to Dis Springs
1:00-2:00pm (FT) LEGO/ World & Art of Disney
2:00-3:15pm (DN) Homecomin
3:15-4:00pm (FT) LEGO/World & Art of Disney
4:00-4:30pm (RD) The VOID Experience
4:30-5:15pm (TR) Head Back to Yacht/HS
5:15-5:45pm (FT) Resort Break
5:45-6:15pm (TR) Head over to HS
5:30-6:30pm (FP) Star Tours
6:30-7:30pm (FP) Rockin Rollercoaster
7:30-8:30pm (FP) Tower of Terror
8:30-9:00pm (TR) Head up to Famtasmic
9:00-9:30pm (SH) Fantasmic!
9:30-10:15pm (TR) Head back to Yacht Club
10:15-10:45pm (DN) Snack at Marketplace
10:45-12:00am (FT) Resort/Boardwalk

  • Day 7 (MK, EP & MNSSHP) Friday
6:30-7:30am (TR) Head over to Polynesian
7:30-8:30am (DN) Breakfast at Ohana
8:30-9:00am (TR) Head over to MK
9:00-9:45am (FT) Explore/People Mover/CoP
9:00-10:00am (FP) Buzz
10:00-10:45am (FT) Explore/PeopleMover/CoP
10:00-11:00am (FP) Space Mountain
11:00-12:00pm (FP) Splash Mountain
11:45-12:30pm (RD) Hall of Presidents
12:00-1:00pm (FP) Big Thunder Mountain
12:45-1:45pm (TR) Head to Yacht or EP
2:00-3:00pm (FP) Mission Space
3:00-4:00pm (FP) Soarin
3:30-5:00 or 6:30 (FT) Pool/Resort/EP
Yes I feel bad for keeping two reservations no I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.
5:35-7:00pm (DN) Dinner at California Grill
7:20-9:00pm (DN) Dinner at California Grill
7:00-12:00am (E) MNSSHP
We have the option of a few last hours at Stormalong Bay or A couple extra hours of MNSSHP (Will update final decision)

  • Day 8 (HS & Transition to Universal) Sat
9:15-10:00am (DN) Breakfast Ale & Compass
10:00-11:00am (TR) Pack up Check out
11:00-11:45am (TR) Head over to HS
11:25-12:25pm (FP) Toy Story Mania
12:25-1:25pm (FP) Rockin Rollercoaster
1:25-2:25pm (FP) Tower of Terror
2:00-2:40pm (TR) Head over to Epcot
2:40-3:45pm (DN) Garden Grill
3:45-9:00pm (FT) HS/EP/Resort/Universal
9:00-9:30pm (SH) Fantasmic/Illuminations
6:00-9:00pm (FP) Universal
Everything after our early dinner (which I’m trying to find a 3/3:15 res for) is optional depending how we feel. We could stay at Disney and go in the pool or look for extra fast passes and catch a night time show or we could grab 2-3 hours at a Universal Park. Also could hang out in Down Town Disney or City Walk.

  • Day 9-10 (US & IoA) Sunday - Monday
  • Hoping Park to Park for 2-2.5?ish days with express unlimited while staying at my favorite hotel in Orlando outside of Disney, Portofino Bay.
  • Plane doesn’t leave untill 9:30pm on departure day!
  • Will add in-depth Universal plans if you guys would like to see them. I haven’t made them yet myself because express unlimited makes it so easy.
  • Dinner at Mama Dellas & Hard Rock Cafe
  • Counter Service TBD
  • My brother has NO IDEA about Universal and I can’t wait to surprise him on our ride to the “airport” to go “home”. Haven’t figured out how I’m going to do it yet :p


~ Oh Boy That’s A lot
I know it may seem overwhelming and borderline over-scheduled but to me it’s freeing. I find value in both convenience and guaranteed options, with Disney I can have both but also with the choice of straying from the plan as much as I want. If I feel we would have to rush to get somewhere... We can skip it and just explore where we are and pick up later on the plan. I have no guilt missing a fast pass or two if we just decide we want to swim some afternoon, but I want to have the option of both. If we are having a blast packing in as many rides as possible and want to skip lunch? Whatever. I’m going for maximum overdrive but will vary the speed whenever the feeling of being rushed around or just tired sets in.

~ Time for travel
If it’s readily available I will always take Disney transportation, however please note if you see a travel time that looks small in the plans (like 30mins) I intend on using a Minnie Van unless there’s a bus right there ready to go.

~Final thoughts for now
This will be my first club level experience at Disney and I’m excited to try and make the most of it. The ability to have so many guaranteed fast passes is really freeing for planning and hopefully is just as great in practice. My hope is that my little brother will always remember this trip and I know I will value the experiences we get to share together especially being his first time in the magic.

~ Ideas, thoughts and questions welcome!
Please let me know what you think of the trip report and if you have any ideas or considerations I should make. I plan for a post trip report detailing what we were actually able to accomplish and what magic we may find deviating from the plan after we return. I will probably make a draft for the universal plans and will post at some point before departure.

Thanks for your time and interest,


Earning My Ears
Jun 9, 2019
-Reserved for update + Dinning
I wanted to comment quickly on the amount of table service meals booked. I highly enjoy having two “breaks” in air conditioning throughout the day. With my brother and I being active 15 and 24 year old boys too, we can put a lot of food away and look forward to steak and potatoes frequently :p


Earning My Ears
Jun 9, 2019
- Total of 5 character meals booked in total. I really need to move garden grill on the last day out by about half an hour. Does anyone know typical same day availability there for modifications?


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