Bridal Party or Not?

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  1. Theactualdisneyprincess

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    May 3, 2019
    I’m on the fence about having a bridal party or not for my wedding. I’m very traditional and I feel like I may regret it, but I also feel like I can avoid a lot of drama and save a good chunk of change eliminating that.

    Has anybody else been in this predicament? I feel that if I don’t have a bridal party then I can save at least $3,000 from floral, hair/makeup, and gifts for everybody. However, I feel like I may regret not having a bridal party later on - especially looking back at photos and such. And I feel like I would want to have a great music selection to play and the individuals walking down the aisle would help with that.

    If you have gone back and forth about this, what made you decide one way or the other? Did you have any regrets about your decision? If so, what were they?
  2. lurkyloo

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    Aug 24, 2006
    DON'T DO IT!!!

    This is my No. 1 tip on my Disney Wedding Podcast episode about Top 10 Wedding Stress-Busters!

    I wish more couples would ask this question before it was too late, but usually our first instinct when we get engaged is to ask everybody and their brother to be attendants because we're so excited.

    HOWEVER: In 13 years of following weddings, I have seen time and again that the No. 1 cause of wedding stress is not money and it's not mothers-in-law: It's the bridal party! The stress of who to pick, who you feel obligated to pick, who's not pulling their weight or who you're asking too much of is nerve-wracking. As a former bridesmaid, I can assure you that most of them will enjoy the wedding much more if they just get to attend as a guest.

    And, as you so wisely pointed out, they cost a lot of money! And you cost THEM a lot of money!

    You will not regret it. All those people can still be there at the wedding making memories! You can still get a photo with each/all of them! They just won't have to fork out for an outfit they'll never wear again, and you don't have to buy them floral, cosmetology and gifts!
  3. nigel-bigel

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    Oct 8, 2001
    Lurkyloo's advice is excellent! More people = more potential for drama.

    I want to add that you will still have help from your friends if they aren't bridesmaids. if they are true friends, of course they will come over and help you wrap favors or stuff envelopes or do your make-up or whatever.

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    Feb 5, 2012
    For the pictures, you can still take pictures with your friends, alone or in groups. Is the $3,000 it worth to have those pictures with your friends looking just alike in the same (type of) dresses, hair and make up?
    Get the picture with your friends regardless how they look.

    For your friends walking down the aisle to a great music selection, have you considered that you will not see that happen yourself, as the bride? You will be waiting in the back while this is happening, you will only see it on video afterwards, if you go for videography. Otherwise it's just to entertain the guests. If your spouse-to-be is waiting for you at the end of the aisle, he/she will probably think 'please get on with it, where is my bride!'.

    Imagine what you can do with $3,000. Put it towards a house, a car, a honeymoon, something that sticks with you longer than those few pictures.
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  5. SandyinMonterey

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    Feb 1, 2013
    When first planning our wedding, I had decided on 3 bridesmaids (sister & 2 friends). I ended up with just my sister & my husband had his brother as best man. Honestly, I didn’t factor in cost. At the time I wanted to keep it simple. The 2 friends didn’t care if they were in the wedding party or not. They remain my dearest friends.
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