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    Hello! I just wanted to share an experience my family and I had with Brian during October 2007 and during the Year of a Million Dreams campaign. I should preface by saying we've met a lot of great CMs over our many WDW trips, but our situation with Brian sure was special.

    On our first day, we always start at MK. My daughter got the beauty treatment at BBB and my son became a cool dude there as well (they are very close in age and if we do for one, we do for the'll see a theme develop shortly). So, I had just found out about waking Tinkerbell and we were anxiously awaiting rope drop behind the castle. Our family goes to Tinkerbell's Treasures and our two along with two other little girls helped wake up Tinkerbell. At first, I think the CM behind the counter was shocked that a little boy wanted to help wake her up, but quickly gave him a sword instead of a wand.

    I noticed two CMs in blue and khaki standing in the corner, but didn't overly think it through....if magic were going to happen, so be it. So, hubby and I started to take our two across Fantasyland to the Tea Cups (he always rides with them first). As we're walking, I gestured to the Sword in the Stone and lamented how it's not being pulled anymore and how I would have loved to meet Merlin (I'm a huge Arthurian Legend fan). Well, what we didn't know was that one of the YOMD CMs had followed us out of the store. He said "you really want to see it pulled?" and I said "of course!!!". He asked us to stay put for a moment, went who knows where, and then brought my son up to the podium. Can I just say I was blubbering like a baby? (geez, I'm tearing up even now) My son, six at the time, pulled the sword from the stone. :) It is one of my best memories. Now, Brian had also heard my husband and I joking that "we can't do for one if we don't do for the other". Brian immediately took my daughter's hand after my son had pulled the sword from the stone and put her on Cinderella's horse on the carousel. Of course, my son rode too, but it was just so great that he thought of both of them!

    That was Friday. On Sunday, we ran in to Brian as we entered MK for our breakfast with Pooh Bear. He pulled hubby & I aside and asked if we could come back at 1 o'clock. Well, we had planned to go to MGM, but quickly changed our plans to go to Epcot instead and hop the monorail back over. Our son was none to thrilled. He wanted to meet the Power Rangers!!! Had even wore his Power Rangers shirt and told Crush (which was hysterical) how upset he was at missing out (a side note here, he did meet the Power Rangers - the next day). So, we go back to MK and Brian meets us underneath the Train Station and escorts us to a back room in the Town Square Theater. We had a private one-on-one meeting with Cinderella. No interruptions for about ten minutes. My son was shy, but excited. And Cinderella was so sweet to our kids.

    We couldn't thank Brian enough for the experiences he gave us. Any time we were in MK, we would go to Town Hall and tell them we thought he was just wonderful.

    Then Tuesday night and MNNSHP came. It was so humid and I was 18 weeks pregnant. I had to sit down for a moment and sat somewhere on the walkway between the side of the castle and Cosmic Rays. Brian just happened to walk by and saw my and my daughter sitting there. He asked if we were having a good time and I said yes, but my goodness it's hot. He said great. He walked away but was back in less than a minute and told me that he got us into the VIP area for parade viewing (on the path between the hub and Liberty Square). You wouldn't believe the interaction we had with the characters as well as the Headless Horseman. Another memory I will cherish forever.

    I made sure to track Brian down when we visited in 2009. He was again on his normal rotation through Tomorrowland. Between 2010 and 2011, he was promoted to conceirge at the Boardwalk. He is the most wonderful, caring person with such a delightful personality. And he is full-on Disney.

    Thank you, Brian, for giving me such great memories!!!!
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    What great stories- thanks for sharing!

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