BrerLund Celebration: 12/1-9 Day 6 Sea World

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    We were running low on pop and film (I only brought 13 rolls!) so we stopped at Publix on the way to Sea World. Once again we were early and waited in our van until the parking lot opened. Then we got to the ticket window where we supposed to exchange vouchers for tickets and the windows weren’t open. The actual park was open but we didn’t have a ticket so we had to wait. This just seemed crazy but we finally got our tickets and we were in. We waited maybe 5 minutes, stood at attention during the Star Spangled Banner and then somehow I let Dan talk me into riding Journey To Atlantis. I’m the planning fanatic so I already knew that no matter how bad that drop on the outside looked, it was worse inside. Not to mention that it was chilly outside and I knew I’d get wet. But before I knew what I was doing, my dad was watching the kids and I was getting in a boat. I still don’t have any idea what the story was, but I did manage to survive. I said a bad word coming down the big drop --- there was no one else on the ride so I didn’t worry too much until I saw my own children standing on the bridge overlooking the drop. Whoops. Oh well, only Grandpa heard it. Once again, we bought the picture (and I think I got scammed into buying a frame too).

    We really wanted to see Clyde and Seamore Take Pirate Island, so we just wandered around the Penguin Encounter, Pacific Point Preserve and Dophin Cove until half an hour before show time. We had seats about 1/3 of the way up and in the sun so we were able to get warm. Dan and I thought the mime preshow was hilarious and Brady and Mykiah loved the Sea Lion and Otter Show. I think what I like about the show is that not only is it educational but it’s also entertaining for the kids. Plus the Florida election humor made us all laugh.

    Dan had looked at the map and decided that if we ran, we could make it from the Sea Lion stadium to the Shamu show in less than 15 minutes. So that’s what we did with Mykiah whining all the way that she was thirsty. At Shamu’s stadium, I sent the men in to grab seats (they sat in the splash zone... never trust a man) and bought a bottle of water and 2 Shamu bars to hold us over. Mykiah and I sat down just as the show began. The show was good, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Clyde and Seamore. I like humor rather than unnecessary wetness.

    By this time we were all getting hungry so we were off in search of a restaurant. We wound up at Mama Stellas where it was spaghetti and meat sauce for all. We cleaned our plates (even the kids) and even had dessert. Then it was off to Terrors of the Deep because Brady was not going to let us rest until we had visited the sharks. After our trip through the tunnel, we had Brady and Mykiah’s picture taken inside a fake shark and bought a t-shirt with the picture on it because it was so hilarious. Last stop for the day was the Intensity Games water sports show, which is OK and a good place for a break.

    For once all three kids fell asleep in the van on the way back to the hotel. Brady and Mykiah managed to do without naps almost every day (although I think Mykiah may have taken 2 naps during the trip). I used the *never wake a sleeping child* excuse to get Dan to stop by the Lake Buena Vista Factory Outlet stores, which are right down the street from HIFS. I directed him right to Character Corner which is an official WDW outlet. Wow! What bargains we found here! For me, an Epcot embroidered tee that was $35 at World of Disney/$17 at Character Corner and a lighted Epcot snowglobe that places “Celebrate the Future” probably over $60 retail/$28 at Character Corner. We also bought Animal Kingdom tees for $8 (regular $18) and a few other odds and ends. Plus we could use our discount here. On the way out of the mall (by this time Brady was awake) I noticed another store that said “Disney--75% off” so we had to stop there too. Most of the merchandise here was the same but there was a whole wall filled with beanies which I sadly bypassed and more home decor. Only bummer was that they didn’t accept the discount. My dad picked up quite a few things here.

    After relaxing at the hotel, we went to Ponderosa for supper (typical buffet) and were saddened to learn that there was no family bingo that night. So early to bed for us.

    Quotes of the day:

    “It only has a little bit of chocolate ‘cuz that’s my favorite part” --Mykiah handing Brady his half of a Shamu bar (suspiciously missing quite a bit of chocolate)

    “Everything at Disney is just robots” --Brady discussing AudioAnimatronics
    “Even the people pushing strollers?” --Mykiah, still not getting it

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    13 rolls and youre already out :eek: LOL you sound like us! Poor thing, do you suppose she will ever figure out those animatronics?

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    Sea World sounds neat. That's on our Orlando to do list. :)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :)


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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day for all. Thanks for posting!

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