Brand New Cheerleaders Thread


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Sep 9, 1999
Our thread on the old board was getting kind of long, so instead of asking Lauri to move any of it, I thought I'd just start a new one! I guess this is spring housecleaning and we get to start out with everything neat and tidy -- so, okay, let's get to work and make things look like home again -- we need lots of post from the cheerleaders.

Here's a message I left on the board last night that I'll repost here:

We had a great time in chat tonight, wish you all could have been there! The main topic of discussion was which of the two logos tied for first place do we want to adopt as our "official" logo. We'd like everyone's opinion on this, so please send an e-mail to by tomorrow night (4/28) at 9 EST to have your vote counted.

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