Boston Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk

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    Mar 11, 2002
    I am once again doing the Boston Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. This year's event takes place Aug 4-6. The DIS community helped me tremendously 4 years ago when I last did the walk. I'm calling on this great community once again for help. I need to raise a minimum of $2200 in order to participate. Because of great people like all of you as of 7:40pm on July 11 I now need $800 to reach my goal! Thanks to all that donated and I'm pleaded with others to help! This walk is an amazing event and I really hope that the DIS will help me reach my goal so I can walk. Do for me, do for all the men and women that you know or don't know that are fighting this disease.
    The web address below will take you to my fundraising HQ where you can make your donation online. Thank you so much for your generosity. Please continue to help by passing that web address on to your friends, families and associates.
    Best Wishes
    Robin Bagley

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