Booking thru Disney Travel Co.???


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Sep 9, 1999
Could someone who has booked a room using the Disney Club 1-800 # please answer a few questions. I understand that you have to use the Disney Travel Co. to book a room using the DC card.
1. At this late date do you think there are any DC discounted rooms left for the last week of August?
2. Can you book "room only" or do you have make it a package by including LOS passes?
3. What is the payment policy for Disney Travel?
4. What is the cancellation policy?
5. Can you use a credit card and if you use an AMEX card can you ask for the white glove treatment?
6. If there are no DC discounts available can they check for other discounted rates or should you call CRO for that?
My brain just wouldn't shut off last night as I thought of all these questions. I knew I had to come to the experts to get answers. Thanks for the help.
I booked my honeymoon for June a couple weeks ago, and this is what I know.
1. Probably, I was able to book for June just a couple weeks ago (at CBR). I guess It depends on your resort.

2. I think everything is a package for Disney Club. I heard they sometimes add tickets
to that World of sports thing.

3. We had to pay a $100 deposit, and the rest of ours is due in May.

4. Not sure.

5. Yes, we used a credit card. I don't know about AMEX. If you try it, let me know.

6. Not sure. They're not very forthcoming with the discount info. Try
They currently have a code that goes till August for AMEX.

Sorry, I can't help any more than that.

The AMEX discount is for the moderates and the Value resorts. You need to have an AMEX to book. They are not packages it is a room only reservation and the balance is paid when you check in. I would check the discount site at the top of the page there is a link. There are alot of codes for all sorts of things right now. August has been a good discount time in previous years.
Thanks for your replies.
I have an AMEX card but the AMEX discounted rates end on Aug. 24. I was looking at the week of Aug. 25 to Sept. 1. My daughter's summer job will end on Aug. 23. I would need to book a value resort as the exchange on the Canadian dollar is so bad right now. If I get a value season rate of 77.00 U.S. a night it will cost me 122.50 CAN and that is before taxes. That is why I was hoping to get a DC discounted rate. (or any discounted rate for that matter)


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