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    Jul 1, 2006
    Hello All!
    I understand that the final payment for a room must be made before special things can be booked, such as Palo, cabanas on CC, etc. My question is regarding when there are two rooms linked for a reservation. Does anyone know if you can make the final payment for just one room, then be free to book other plans for the total number of your party. Specifically, I wonder if I could pay for the room that is slated to sleep 3 of our 5, then book seats on the bus to Disney World for all 5 of us? Or if I could only book for 3...
    Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer!;)
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    Oct 27, 2011
    I believe you can add DCL transfers at any time, regardless of PIF status. (Sorry, just re-read your post and realized you are asking about the excursion to WDW, not pre or post cruise transfers.)

    As for excursions, dining reservations, etc....each stateroom must be PIF and I believe each stateroom books separately and only at the appropriate CC level date - if 1 stateroom is CC gold and another is new cruisers, the stateroom without a CC level will not be able to book as early as the one with gold status.

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