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  1. eva

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    Aug 20, 1999
    Does anyone know how many tables of 7 or 8 are available at Palo and Remy on the Dream? We have 7 adults in our party right now, but may be adding one more. We will be on the Fantasy. But I am assuming that they will have a similar layout. I am just wondering how easy it will be to get a table for this many at 105 days out.
  2. ESN

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    Sep 21, 2005
    We had a table for 9 in Palo - It would have held 12, but we were only 9 at it

    I can't say that it was easy to book - We were concierge so could book ourselves early - but not all the others

    We added more people at 90 and 75 days out -- I had booked 4 tables total , all at roughly the same time, then once on board talked to the staff at Palo and they consolidated our reservations into one

    For Remy, I know there is a chef's table, but we did not use it - We had a table for 2 -- I saw a few tables of 4 and 6, but our friends were not able to book Remy at 90 days out

    Hope this helps

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