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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by TivoQueen, Feb 7, 2012.

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    We are cruising on the Dream in June and would like to do a shore excursion while in Nassau. We are interested in doing the Sea Lion Encounter on Blue Lagoon Island. I tried to book thru DCL and they said I had to wait until April 9th. I contacted the tour company directly and tried to book with them and they wouldn't talk to me once I said I was coming in on the Dream because they are under contract with Disney. So I called back and told them I was staying at a private residence and tried to book for the day we are in Nassau. They said there was no availability because the cruiseline bought out the entire day. I checked the port schedule for the day we are in Nassau and we are the only ship in Port the whole day. I called Disney back and they again told me that I had to wait until April 9th to book unless I have priority booking which I don't. Why the wait, if I am paid in full why can't I just book? I don't get it. The agent told me that there was little change of me getting what I wanted because I do not have priority booking. So basically Disney holds all the cards here. I can't book with them until April and I can't book directly with the company because they are under contract and bought out the entire day. Does anyone else know if there is any other tour company that does the Blue Lagoon and Sea Lion encounter? So frustrated right now.
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    Blue Lagoon is a privately run island with the Sea Lion and Dolphin encounters. So if Blue Lagoon says there is no availability except through the cruiseline, there won't be anyone else that can help. And Blue Lagoon will never book you directly if they know you are cruising. DCL has always waited until closer to the cruise to allow excursion bookings (which is different than other cruiselines). It is their excursions and they set the rules.

    They have decided to allow priority to guests who have sailed with them previously (concierge and guest who have completed 10 or more DCL cruises can book 120 days before sailing, guest who have completed 5 DCL sailings can book at 105 days before sailing and all other prior guests can book at 90 days before sailing, first time DCL cruisers can book excursions at 75 days prior to sailing). It's just the way it is, getting frustrated doesn't help anything. I know the Sea Lion excursion is popular but it is not always booked completely before 75 days so there may be availablity when you go to book excursions (or someone might cancel before sailing and open up spots).

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