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Apr 6, 2006
I’m sure there has already been loads of threads on this subject but I can’t seem to find any answers to my specific questions

We are wanting to book for next August 2021 but have not yet booked anything or bought tickets. We have accommodation sorted, however, and will be staying offsite. I understand we have to reserve our park days and we want to crack on and buy the tickets so we can do the reservations before they all get booked up, but unsure if we can now buy them.

The Disney U.K. site says they have “Temporarily stopped sales of tickets for future arrivals”

So am I right that it looks like we cannot buy tickets for next year?


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Oct 11, 2014
I made a resort and ticket reservation 9 days ago (11 nights at All Star Music) as I have a bib for the Princess Half Marathon weekend and was worried I wouldn't get into my preferred parks. I didn't want to book yet but felt pressured by the park booking system. From all the threads regarding this that I've been following, it seems they are allowing for AP holders, current ticket holders (that haven't been used due to COVID-19) and bookings with a on site resort. However, I've just contact Disney today as I still can't link my reservation to MDE to make the park booking and was told '2021 park reservations are wide open' as they hardly have any bookings at all for 2021. Not knowing is frustrating but I am keeping an eye on my dates on the following site:



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Jul 11, 2005
Just to alleviate any fears Annual Passholders without a hotel reservation can only book 3 days park entry at a time so they wont be block booking things that far in advance I feel but yes its a little frustrating having to do it all so far in advance. They really should have staggered bookings like when they release FPs


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