Booking hotels at National Parks

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    In last weeks podcast there was a very cool review or the ABD trip to Wyoming. One of the issues was that the stay for Yellowstone did not include the Old Faithful Lodge. There seemed to be confusion on how you could book this hotel. I also remember there being an issue with the stay at Grand Canyon.

    It is actually very easy to book these resorts, if you plan way ahead. Just pretend you are a DVC member, planning for Christmas week and book 11 months ahead.

    There is one website to go to to book hotels at:

    Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Crater Lake, Mount Rushmore, Petrified Forest, Rocky Mountain, Zion and some state parks in Ohio and Williamsburg.

    They also have very cool gift shops. I really, really need a coffee mug from Grand Canyon!

    I have no relationship with these people. Once I booked El Tovar and ended up canceling the day before. They ended up renting the room and I got a full refund!

    I checked El Tovar at Grand Canyon for July 2012, full availability, rooms from $178 to $273 for a Deluxe. Not too bad, I thought.

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