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    Aug 7, 2011
    at the parks for my daughters 21st birthday.

    Any where we can see the maps online? Do you have suggestions on what to do first and what can wait? Trying to avoid paying extra for Express Plus.

    We have base tickets for three days. Planning on one day at WWOHP, one at Universal and the last day we can revisit which ever. Plan to check out City Walk at least one night. We also have reservations for the 9:30 breakfast at three broomsticks.

    Should we do WWOHP the same day or will our time at breakfast take away from the advantage of early admission?

    We are staying at the Holiday Inn. Is there a microwave and or fridge in the rooms? Where should we eat? I see Mythos is popular.

    Any birthday suggestions? I plan to take her to Hogs Head for her first drink. Any of the hotels, shops or City Walk do anything for Birthdays?
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    Apr 12, 2005
    I guess the first question is...when are you going?

    Online maps can be found on the Universal website:

    If the line for the WWoHP attractions aren't bad, you should be able to do early entry and the breakfast. You'll have to gauge your time.

    Stop by Guest Services and pick up a birthday button and make sure she wears it. You never know what the Team Members will do when they see the button and make sure you let your server know...if you're going to a table service restaurant.

    Check out the food sticky for menus and recommendations.

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