Booked PO- FQ, any recent reviews?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by DanceRC28, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. DanceRC28

    DanceRC28 Wife to Greg, mommy to baby Tyler and furbabies Gr

    Feb 20, 2004
    After reading all of the reviews, DH and I decided to book Port Orleans- French Quarter. I think it'll be easier to navigate than some of the other resorts because it is smaller and I like that we have the option of taking the boat to DTD. I'd love to hear from anyone who has recently stayed there or loves staying there! TIA :cool1:
  2. Macscave

    Macscave Earning My Ears

    Jul 13, 2004
    PO-FQ is our favorite resort! We love the small feel to it & it seems that there are not as many people around. It is lush & green with rabbits, squirrels and cricket/frog sounds at night. Very peaceful after a day in the parks with lots of people. It's a short walk to the bus stop, pool, laundry which is next to the pool & outside bar (my husband will do the laundry cause he can have a beer!), eating, etc. The boat ride to downtown Disney is wonderful & a favorite of ours. It, too, is relaxing, but can be chilly at night, remember a jacket. We like the rooms for the fact that there are double sinks outside the shower/bath area. Plenty of room for two or more to be getting ready at the same time. The food factory has the most wonderful item called BEIGNETS!!! You order them at the bakery area & they make them for you fresh...I can't wait til December! I hope that you will enjoy the resort as much as we do - we are from small, rural area in SW Kansas & are not use to large crowds.

    My DH:love: refuses to take a vacation anywhere but DISNEY! He doesn't have to drive & worry about directions there! :laughing: He calls it a Total break.:yay:
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  4. DanceRC28

    DanceRC28 Wife to Greg, mommy to baby Tyler and furbabies Gr

    Feb 20, 2004
    Thanks for your great review, I am really excited to stay at this resort. While we live in a city, we prefer to stay out of the hustle and bustle so the quiet resort will be great for us. :goodvibes
  5. Mouse Skywalker

    Mouse Skywalker <font color=green>The Force is strong with this Po

    Aug 3, 2005
    We were at POFQ for half of our July vacation this summer. We did a split stay between the Dolphin and POFQ. We LOVED it! We liked the Dolphin too, it was beautiful and really convenient to Hollywood Studios. However, we loved POFQ. It just felt more "Disney" to us. My DW has some mobility issues. So we really appreciated the resort being so compact. We were in Building 5 - superclose to the pool, food court, etc. We loved the pool, and ended up spending 2 full days just enjoying the pool. The room was great too. The layout worked for us better than the Dolphin did. The double sinks and curtain in the bathroom area really made a nice place to change. I would give POFQ two thumbs up, and stay there again in a heartbeat.
  6. Mrs. Toaster

    Mrs. Toaster Mouseketeer

    Jan 16, 2003
    I am sooo glad to read these reviews! We are staying at POFQ for the first time in a couple of weeks!
  7. jess20k

    jess20k DIS Veteran

    Aug 1, 2006
    It is a great resort! It is our favorite mod so far. We have stayed at all except CSR. We loved the atmosphere, which is very quaint and quiet, which is surprising for a smaller sized resort, but it was great!!! Everything is close, which was nice after a long day at the parks. The boat ride to DTD was awesome, it is very relaxing.

    We had good mousekeeping, and had a great room in Bldg. 5. We were lucky to get a corner room, which was on the third floor and had a lovely view of a nice court yard.

    I am sure you will have a wonderful time!
  8. Magalex

    Magalex DIS Veteran

    Jan 14, 2004
    Another future POFQ visitor here! I love to hear nice things about this resort:thumbsup2 I love to hear about how quiet the resort is. Also my sister and her family stayed there this past June 2008. She said it was wonderful and clean.
  9. disney honeymooners

    disney honeymooners Disneyholic

    Oct 30, 2008
    I stayed there and loved it i have also stayed at the fort wilderness camp ground in the cabins and at the GF and i loved the POFQ better then GF i know that is weird but the POFQ is wonderfully decorated and the gardens are great looking. It was also nice to be able to ride the boat to DTD. I loved it and would def. stay there again we had been thinking about staying at POR but we changed our minds b/c i liked the look of the POFQ better and i was very happy that we decided not to stay at POR.
  10. brittsmum1998

    brittsmum1998 <font color=blue>just a shallow excuse to subscrib

    May 6, 2001
    Another happy customer from POFQ. It is by far our favorite of the mods w/ CSR being a close second. We decided last week to do an impromptu trip over the New Year and after 2 days of no rooms we were able to get 6 nights at POFQ and boy were we psyched!! I love the cozy feel of the resort and the jazz/blues music playing as you walk through the grounds. You will not be disappointed.
  11. hill6

    hill6 DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2007
    I will let you know next week. We leave Friday for a 4 night trip.
  12. NikP

    NikP <font color=darkcoral>I will be bouncing off the w

    Jan 10, 2006
    We have stayed at POFQ 4 times. We love it so much we are afraid to stay anywhere else. We have visited most other resorts, and POFQ seems to suit us best. We love that it is not crowded. After a busy day at the parks it is nice to come back to the resort and not have to stand in long lines at the food court etc or at the front desk at check in.

    Our last visit was for free dining this September. We stayed in building #4. I actually requested building #5 on our reservation, but we also wanted adjoining rooms with my inlaws. At first when we checked in we were told this was not available, but after our cast member got on the phone and found us 2 rooms in building #4. We got a nice corner room with 2 windows, with our inlaws next door. My husband and father inlaw liked to pull their chairs outside and sit between our doors and have a drink. The gardens are beautiful. And the resort is so peaceful. Another plus is that the buses always pick up and drop off POFQ first before riverside.

    We always plan on an afternoon break back at the hotel. Half the fun of Disney for my 2 boys is the POFQ pool. They love the slide and seashell waterfall. The pool has had a recent rehab (I believe early 2008) with all new tiles.

    The laundry area is just off the pool area, so I would pop in a load and head to the pool while I waited. $2 for wash, and $2 for dryer.

    I have heard complaints about the food at the food court, but we like the food. My only complaint about the food court is how you have to go to multiple stations in order to order food for your family. Eg. Hamburgers from one station, salads and pasta from another and dessert from another. So after you have your main course you have to stand in line at the dessert station while your food gets cold. Or we just got our dessert first and then went for our main course item.

    My husband and I went here for our honeymoon aswell. SO this resort is great for both a family and a couple.

    Enjoy your stay. I always wonder if I should tell people how wonderful this resort is or not. It seems it is always full (not that you see very many people around) and the first to sell out when Disney releases discounts.;) :upsidedow
  13. skier_pete

    skier_pete DIsney-holics Anon

    Aug 17, 2006
    We've been there 3 years in a row, so we must love it...small resort, buses stop there before POR on the way to and from parks, sometimes go directly to the parks (only park that is a long ride is AK). Great pool, not too, love, love it!

    (Actually, don't love the boat ride to DTD...the ride is fine, but if it is a prime time, the boat's pick up at POR first, and only save room for like 6 people per boat from POFQ - if there is any line at all, you will probably be waiting 30 to 40 minutes for the boat, then it's a 20 minute ride...the bus to DTD I find to be MUCH, MUCH faster.)


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