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    We were on the Magic (Jan 10-17) and re-booked for a 7-night Eastern while onboard. DH said the onboard sales manager was too popular so every Q&A session was in a rush and very general :rotfl:

    We have a few questions and hopefully someone can provide comments -

    1). Changing Sail Date (or even ship) - we are booked for Dec 2010 and final payment (75 day window) is not due until Oct 2010. IF we want make any changes (e.g. the European cruise in summer 2010, or defer to 2011 ~ new ship), is that possible? Do we keep the $200 onboard credit and 10% discount?

    2). If we do change - Do we keep the same reservation number and all our requests remain on file?

    3). We paid $125 deposit per person, IF we decided to go with the European cruise - do we have to call Disney Cruise Line and pay an additional $175 deposit (I believe deposit for European cruise is $600 x 50% = $300).

    4). Do we always get the same show (e.g. Golden Mickey, Dreams, etc) whenever we return to the ship? We have watched both shows on Wonder last year.

    5). I tried to search for a few European cruises on their web site - why I cannot select a specific room? All of them are GTY.

    6). Just curious - the price quoted (booked) for the Eastern was $4,347.08 - but the price I just quoted on the web site was $4733.08 ~ seems it is not an exactly 10% off? How does Disney calculate the discount ~ before tax?
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    1-3 Yes :)
    4 - The shows don't change often. On the longer cruises they bring in special entertainment for the extra nights.
    5 - The European cruises went on sale in September/October and have been very popular. When DCL books a percentage of rooms in a category the rest are booked as GTY.
    6 - You do not get the 10% on taxes, port charges or insurance so you need to deduct the cost of those from the total before figuring the 10%..

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