Booked GF, but would love to spend a couple days at AKL - help

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by traci, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. traci

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    May 31, 2005
    We aren't big on split stays. We go once a year to Disney World. We love staying at monorail resorts because we have little ones and it's just easier for our family.

    This year we arrive on a Sunday (staying at GF). I would love to spend a couple of nights at AKL. Perhaps arrive Friday at AKL and check into the GF on Sunday...what would you suggest we do on Saturday if we are at AKL? I was thinking of just enjoying the grounds and starting the MK part of our trip on Sunday. Should we do Animal Kingdom since we are there? Is there anything that we would not want to miss? What about room/location requests?

    I would love any insight.

    Thanks all :wave:
  2. Charleston Princess

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    Jan 28, 2008
    Have only eaten at Boma and strolled around, but are staying at AKL this summer :banana: ! From all the things I have read, you could definitely find enough to do at the resort for a full day -- they have all sorts of activities for children including cookie decorating, storytelling, and looking at the animals with night vision goggles. Also, the pool looks huge and has a slide -- and not to mention, looking at the animals all over the resort! There are several FAQ threads that list all the cool activities they have going on.

    As far as room locations, I am not any help -- we booked pool view and are just hoping for the best.
  3. disnut8

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    Jan 21, 2005
    There are lots of things to do at Animal Kingdom Lodge throughout the day. All of the activities will be listed on your resort map when you check in. Once you have that list, decide if there's enough to stay at the resort for the entire day.

    Going to Animal Kingdom would make the most sense if you don't want to stay at the resort for the entire day. It's only a five or ten minute bus ride.

    For a room location, the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge is on the third floor. You mentioned having kids and liking being on the monorail line. If you have strollers, a room on the third floor will avoid you having to deal with elevators or stairs. You will be able to just walk right out through the lobby for the buses.

    The Mara has really good pizza. It's the same as on the room service menu so you save the surcharge if you just go and get it yourself. The hot tubs have VERY hard spray coming out of them. There is a pond near the Mara where you are encouraged to throw in coins and everything goes to the conservation fund.

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