Bonnet creek family of 7 review

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    So....i know many have posted and all....So we had 7 in our group. 5 Adults and 3 kids. Lets split up a little more. Group A: Mom, dad, son (4) girl (2); Group B: Papou and Yiayia; Group C: Gigi.

    We had a 3 bedroom in building 5 on the second level facing the parking lots.

    WE all were amazed with the space. The rooms were a little small for having a pack n' play of a square in any of the room. But the room for the kids to run around in the family area and was VERY nice. A group was in the master but slept mom/dad/girl. The grandparents took the other two rooms with the boy in the double bed room.

    So we are longtime vacation people with private owners when we attend the beach so used to having well stocked kitchens even if it is not the best. These are very very basic. I was making dinner for the kids birthday and it got a little interesting. All the grandparents were able to rotate well with morning showers and all with 2 sinks and all.

    I was hoping for a lake view and higher up but like even staying on property those are always wishes and all. I can't complain too much cause we only sat outside for a little time.

    I didn't get to see much of the resort due to park days and cooking. My husband and other members got to enjoy the pool. Sounds to me that they had a good time. No slides due to ages I think. But i hear from them not bad.

    Loved how close things were....heck the back entrance to hollywood was nice. We didn't expect that one but on our last day we literally just snuck in feeling.

    My husband is doing a half marathon in Jan and has even looked into staying again due to the size and all for what we need. The price was great. We used trip bound and they were wonderful to work with even with our ups and downs (military/deployment)

    Do I wish I could have seen the resort more during the day yes. But I will get there at some point.

    Here is my points I saw for me are downers. You are not in the disney bubble....which for me I missed. I missed the idea of having that bus or some kind of service vs driving in each time. But driving wasn't bad. at the time time it is a blessing. The first days we went to the parks it broke my heart as we asked him "do you know where we are?" he answered "Disney World".......ok. "what ride do you want to do the most?"......"Disney Bus".....oh yea broke a mom's heart....but we found a way. Even today 2 weeks later we were getting on our base and he saw a huge bus and said "mom, disney bus".

    So I think we will use this resort again giving the right time, price and all. We do like the bubble for us in some aspects but others we like the idea of being in this resort too. I guess it all depends on what type of trip we are taking.
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    Thanks for your review! It was helpful to hear.

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