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    Jan 24, 2011
    Has anyone taken this class before? I'm starting up the week after Thanksgiving, on Tues & Thurs at 5:30am, and maybe on Saturdays too, if I have the time.

    I'm just wondering what to realistically expect. I'm taking it with a friend who has taken it before, and she just keeps telling me that I'm going to be sore, but that it'll get better as we go to more classes. I don't even know how to dress for this? Would cotton shirts be ok, or should I stick to tech gear? Running shoes ok, or do I need to get cross trainers?

    I feel like a fish out of water starting up with this, but I guess there was a time that I felt like this with running too, and now I have 3 halfs under my belt.

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    Mar 3, 2000
    These are great questions.

    First, remember, YOU are in control of your weights and reps. The concept is lots of reps and lighter weights. If will tone and firm while enhancing endurance.

    With regard to clothing, wear what you feel comfortable in. Though, I would never workout in anything other than tech gear. Cotton gets heavy and clingy once wet and just feels terrible. But, if you do not have tech gear, it is better to get into the class with cotton then change out to tech gear if Santa is nice...

    Because I sweat (LOTS) I have a pair of xtrainer shoes for fitness floor classes. I find these give me just that little extra grip on a wet wooden floor. But again, if all you have are runners, they will work great.

    OK for class, a good instructor will give cues for the class, but will also cue regressions and progressions. Look at the regressions for the first class. The regressions are aimed at a first timer, or one who is not quite up to class speed. Your mission is to look at the mirror and instructor and make sure form is great. Learning great form is key to class safety. So these two combined may have you feel like you are just swinging arms and such in air. Even doing this, you will feel it the next day, or possibly the following day. That is normal and good. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) lets you know you derived some benefit from the workout. If DOMS does not come, then you are not working hard enough.

    One other thing... get to class a little early and introduce yourself to the instructor. They will appreciate knowing that you are new and then keep an eye on you. They should help you set up the first time and let you know what to expect that day.

    Most important.. Go in and have fun. Again go light the first day and just learn form; especially if you have not worked out recently. If done right, this class can support the first time member and still kick a long time lifter;s tail.
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    Apr 21, 2006
    I love body pump. My instructor is great!!! She always ask if there's anyone new and works with them. She tells you what muscle group is coming up next and what weights to use like squats are next veterans triple your warm up weight newbies double it. She'll walk around and show form and in between muscle groups she'll demonstrate how to do the next set. Like newbies double your weights and watch how to do a clean and press etc. a great instructor is key!!

    I would wear tech gear as you'll sweat. Shoes aren't that important as long as they are some kind of athletic shoes. The class is pretty stationary except the occasional jump squat or lunges. You'll do light weights lots of reps. And I mean lots of reps!!!

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