BLT: The Good, the Bad, the It Could Have Been Worse! DAY FOUR

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    Aug 26, 1999
    Rain in the forecast, so pack the ponchos again. Headed out to DHS for 8AM early opening. Apparently no one sleeps in on vacation – could not believe the crowd lined up for early opening!! :crowded: Our plan of attack is the same as everyone else's - RUN for TSM and get FP's. DH and I did the FP sprint in record time! Star Tours was next – we haven't been on that ride for many years, and were impressed with the changes that have been made to it. SIL and I are the only thrill riders in our group, so we headed for RnR Coaster while the rest watched the live Disney show. We thought we were smart and got in the single rider line (standby was 40 minutes), and ended up waiting a full hour! Still a bit of time to kill before TSM, so the kids and parents headed Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area, while DH and I explored One Man's Dream, which we think is a hidden treasure. Then on to TSM! No wait at all with our FP's. We opted for Pizza Planet for lunch – after reading so-so reviews of this place, we were surprised at how good it was! The salad that came with the pizza was especially excellent, and the cupcakes were TO DIE FOR. Then it was on to the Lights, Motor, Action Show. DH and I weren't too keen on going, but the others insisted we HAD to see it, and convinced up that waiting an hour would be worth it. And WOW! It was! AWESOME show. And since we were under an awning, the downpour that started right before the finale didn't bother us. DH and I decided to get a few more cupcakes to go from Starring Rolls with some of our snack credits, and head back to the room since the rain wasn't letting up. Tonight was our last evening, and dinner was a birthday celebration at 1900 Park Fare. Since it was on the monorail route, the rain wasn't a factor. None of us had eaten there before, and WOW was it good! We were seated in one of the alcoves, and all of the characters were just coming out as we were seated. So, we were able to get autographs and pictures taken care of first, then we enjoyed a relaxing meal. After dinner we headed back to Top of the World to celebrate the end of a fun trip (except for the lost camera part, but I'm starting to get over it). Tomorrow we'll pack up, check out, and head to Downtown Disney for some shopping and Ghirardelli sundaes before DH and I continue on to visit my mom nearby, and the others visit another set of grandparents.

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