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Mar 9, 2005
I just returned from a great trip with two firsts: First time staying in a BLT Grand Villa, and first time staying at GF. The reservation was last-minute, and we had to move every night. Anyway, I have some observations about the BLT GV's:
  1. Lake View Grand Villas are great! Because BLT GV's are two-story affairs, with your upper entry on the 16th floor, that means your Magic Band will take the elevator to the 16th floor, providing access to the lounge without having to go down and check in at ground level.
  2. Theme Park View GV's lack that key feature and cost a lot more points. Sure, you could view the fireworks from your own balconies (of which you get four), but they are more fun from the lounge. Theme Park View units have their upper door on the 15th floor.
  3. When you first arrive, each member of the party must first unlock the lower door before that person's Magic Band will unlock the upper door. I tried to be clever and enter a Lake View unit for the first time on the 16th floor. The elevator let me go there, but the door wouldn't open.
  4. Neither the bellman nor the security guard patrolling the hall had ever seen the inside of a Grand Villa, and they seemed to appreciate it when I invited them in for a moment to look around. These rooms really are impressive, from the inside stairs to the electrically-operated blinds.
  5. Most of the sleeping capacity (4 queen beds and a sleeper) is on the upper floor, so it would make logistical sense to have the bags delivered upstairs -- but the lower entry is more stately and feels like a family home with the bedrooms upstairs.
  6. You get 4 full bathrooms, which is fantastic, but none of them have a hand shower. Over at the Grand Floridian, you get fewer toilets than at Bay Lake Tower, but GF has hand showers.
  7. One end of the dining table pulls out in a clever way that lets you seat two more people.
The takeaway, having now stayed one night in a Theme Park View GV and one in a Lake View GV, is that when I plan the next big family trip, I'll be looking at the Lake View.

- M


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