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Ms Poppins

I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
Mar 14, 2009

We ate here on Monday 12 October at approx 16.45. We did have reservations for 17.00 but went in early and that was ok. We took a seat in the reception area:

As we were taken from the reception to the restaurant, our waitress told us that we were now being shrunk to the size of rats and to look at the change in the flooring and wallpaper.

Love all the little touches

We were served quickly and choose from the set menu with 3 courses

There is so much to look at - look at the fairy lights!

The starter was the same for us all - no option here. I'm not a salad lover but even I ate this. The dressing was lovely as was the addition of different chesse's:

Lewis' starter - cheese balls and bread sticks

We all had steak - absolutely delicious, the chef's sauce was amazing. And a side portion of ratatoullie of course!

Lewis's meatballs - he ate the lot

Dessert was the most amazing chocolate cake and cream - it was a vanilla tasting custard like sauce, cold and tasted gorgeous. We're still talking about it.

Lewis had chocolate eclair with fresh fruit and a white chocolate Remy

We all cleared our plates and had a fantastic meal. It is a bit pricey and to be honest I would have liked just a main and dessert instead of a starter, but I will definitely go back. Set menu for adults for us was 39.99E each and kids meal was 16.99E. This option also included a drink for us all. Total bill with shareholders discount was 150.41E. A fantastically themed restaurant!!



Mar 5, 2013
Hi All,

I ate here on my latest trip and I had the gusto menu. This consisted of a fois gras and walnut bread with fig starter, then a steak with potatoes and ratatouille (perfectly cooked) and ended with an apple tart tatin. All delicious!

The restaurant was so lovely, the theme was great, the staff attentive and the atmosphere was really ambient. I will be booking this one next summer when I travel out with my family!



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Sep 10, 2009
We ate here on Tuesday November 25th around 2pm.

I loved the decor and the whole atmosphere makes this my favourite table service restaurant in the parks by far.

We were seated after a 5 minute wait and spent a while deciding on our meal. DH decided to opt for 3 courses and I went for 3 as I remembered the desserts from the menu trial back in May and wasn't skipping it!

DH and I both enjoyed the bread and cheese salad starters. He was very impressed as is not normally too bothered by salad :thumbsup2

DH and I both had the steak with chef sauce and agreed at the end of the week it was our favourite meal. The steak is beautifully charred and accompanied by rustic fries and the sauce is the perfect accompaniment.

I had the tiramisu to finish and really enjoyed it. Just as good as I remembered. DH also very much so enjoyed his apple tart.

The kids had meatballs, which DS loved and completely finished which is no small feat as he isn't a big eater and DD loved her linguini. Both kids also enjoyed their eclairs and thought the white chocolate Remy plaque was cool ::yes::

We had 4 soft drinks and with discount the bill came to about €105. We will be back.
  • the_princess

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 8, 2006
    We had lunch here in Dec 14. It was a really good meal, the service was great and the place was fantastic. There are so many details in this place. I highly recommend it to everyone!


    Ms Poppins

    I'm sure I'm very affected by all this Disney talk
    Mar 14, 2009
    We ate here on Monday 5th October 2015 at 5pm.

    I had reserved a table using the dining reservations line a few weeks before our visit. It was busy when we arrived and those without reservations were being turned away. The park closed at 6pm tonight and I had been told that 5pm was the last sitting.

    We had half board plus vouchers and ate from the Emile menu that Carrie has posted above. Drink is included when using vouchers.

    There is only 1 starter available, no choice. Cheese salad for adults which was really lovely.

    Mozzarella balls and tomatoes for the kids

    For mains DH, Abbey and I all had the steak, well done. Served with a side bowl of ratatoullie and chef's sauce - all delicious

    Lewis had the meatballs - he loved them

    For dessert we all had the chocolate cake with the amazing creme anglaise.....

    Our waitress was really nice and had asked Lewis his name. He had a chocolate eclair, personalised!

    Really love the decor in here - it is just brilliant!

    We spent well over an hour relaxing and really enjoyed our meal.

    As the park was closed when we were finished, we were escorted with some other diners out the park. This was a fantastic opportunity to take some pictures of the area with no-one else in them!

    It's our second time here and we all really enjoyed the food again and loved the whole experience. Highly recommended!


    Jan 30, 2012
    Just a heads up, the "chef's sauce" that comes with the steak consists out of foie gras with lots and lots of added cream. We recognized the taste immediately and asked and our waitress confirmed and said that we were among very few others who actually recognized the taste of it. I personally refuse to eat foie gras because of what it is and how it's made and I know I'm not alone in that. So just a heads up for those who might not know.
    Other than that we had lunch here 5th of october and it was amazing. Best steak I've ever eaten and the chocolate cake was to die for!
  • roscoepc1

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    Jun 22, 2008
    Some pictures from the week before last. We enjoyed the food, although neither of us ate the Ratatouille. Not our style, lol. Very expensive meal, the priciest of our stay. I would say it was very much worth it for the atmosphere....



    it made me feel like i was the queen....
    Apr 19, 2007
    Mum and me ate there on Friday Dec 9, we booked at our arrival at the Hotel and for that day the only slot avalaible was 15.30, a few people asked when we were there waiting to be sitted and were sent away, strange enough as most of the restaurant was empty...

    We had the Emile Menu with wine, starter was the mixed salad

    as main course we chose the roasted cod fillet

    dessert was Gusteau's dessert (profiterole with lemon cream inside)

    Wine was a diffferent one for each course: Rose with the starte, white with the fish and champagne with the dessert

    Price 54.99 each one, not cheap, but as it was the best meal we had in the park we did not regret the money spent :thumbsup2


    Jan 19, 2016
    Was there for lunch last month (July 2018). Super cute restaurant, we all loved the theming and took our time when we went to the bathroom to wander around and check out all the different areas! The food was, I would say, OK. Zucchini soup was very, very zucchini-y. I don't mind zucchinis (nobody else in the family likes them), and I couldn't eat it. Tasted like baby food. My daughter's steak was tough and full of sinew. My duck was delicious, the potted chicken was yummy, although again not kid-friendly.

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