Birthday celebration in Vegas, need some help

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by eliza61, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Jun 2, 2003
    Dh and I are going to Vegas this New Years. It's my birthday. One of the curses of being a holiday baby is that no matter where I go I can expect to pay premium prices. Oh well.

    Anyway, can you still do the helicopter tours and or hoover damn tours during the holidays?

    We will be there 12/29- 1/2. We're staying at the Monte Carlo which I understand is pretty centrally located. Is this correct?

    Any restaurant recommendations?

    We have tickets for Cirqu du Soliel (sp) Ka on the 29. Also going to see Sinbad the Comedian on the night of the first. I left New Years eve open to wander around.

    Any other suggestions?

    How hard is it to get tickets for shows, the day of? I have one night the 30th open and I thought about seeing the Phantom show but figured I wait until I got there to see how I felt, don't want to pack too much into a short trip (LOL) Can you get tickets the day of?
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    Mar 12, 2010
    I think your show plans will be awesome. Same day ticket for another, maybe not but maybe ,though it could result in poor seats.

    Also visit Fremont Street in the evening. It will require a cab ride each way or you can take the bus. It has a light show, some venors and live music, it's outdoors on a closed street.
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    NYE is very busy, including the 2 - 3 days prior. While you might find show tickets the day of, they won't be as good if you purchased them now.

    If you want to dine anywhere on NYE, make reservations and be prepared to pay more than usual. Many restaurants have specific dinner seatings with fixed menus for NYE. Look on-line or call & ask. You're near the MGM Grand which has several restaurants in-house; there is a fine dining restaurant called Andre's at the Monte Carlo which is very good; and there's a steak place across the street called Smith & Wollensky that I've been to several times and is pretty good.

    Hope this helps!

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