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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by iNTeNSeBLue98, May 25, 2008.

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    I got the Big Lots ad in my email on Friday. I didn't look at it until Saturday, as we're preparing to cook out tomorrow for Memorial Day and I'd already been to Walmart, but we need a patio set. Otherwise, folks will be eating off their laps in their self-provided lawn chairs. There is a two-day sale Sunday & Monday that includes a $100 patio set, a table and 4 chairs. It looks decent, and if it gets me through Monday, or longer, I'll be happy.

    I dropped by yesterday to get a look at it, see if it's worth the $100 sale price. Only the table was on display, but I figured the chairs were in back since their big, probably stackable, or maybe they didn't have any out because of the ad.

    DH and DBr went to Big Lots first thing this morning, at 10am for the opening, because we didn't want to miss out on getting one of these sets. Well, they were back in a matter of 20 minutes (BL is about 2 miles away), without a patio set. :mad:

    Turns out this store already sold out of chairs and only had tables left for sale....despite the ad being for a set. I know ads are written and printed far in advance, and that chances were that the available quantity would be limited. I think I saw them online at the beginning of spring, so it's not a new item.

    I'm just really ticked that they ran the ad and obviously our nearest store has been selling the sets in pieces. Why else would they only have tables and no chairs? Back at square one, other than our small kitchen set we don't have anywhere for people to properly sit and eat their food tomorrow.

    Target's ad came in this morning's email. I wasn't going to look at, figuring we had everything else we needed and I didn't really have money to spend on something else. Well, as luck would have it, they have a six piece patio set that comes with umbrella and has folding chairs. :cool2: I'd been eyeing a similar set elsewhere for double their advertised price of $99.

    I called ahead to make sure they had some in stock, no sense running over there if they are sold out as the store has been open 2 hours already. I spoke to someone in lawn and garden and he assured me they had complete sets, 10 of them, and he would hold one for us. All we had to do was stop at the service desk to pick it up.

    Since I missed out on the Big Lots deal, I decided that two sets at that price was do-able (DBr is paying for one of them). We got two, and the folks at Target were super helpful. They carted the patio sets up to the front checkout and out to the curb (company policy) for loading.

    Of course I spent about $17 more - the dollar spot had cute holiday items like flip flops and decorations. We got packs of mini flags (3 in a pack) to put along the edge of the lawn, and some cute tin pails that I put tealights in. :flower3:
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    Dont' be to upset, my Mom purchased it and it totally rusted the first rain. She returned to the store. So you did not miss much.
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    Dh works for big lots I can answer or tell you a few things about them... There is a distribution center in Schuylkill Co (that is where he works) they ship they stuff out from there BUT they do NOT handle any furniture! That all comes from another center WAYYYYYYY down south. If they sell out before the ad comes out chances are they have already shipped out all of their stock and can't get any more in. Like you said ads are run FAR in advance so they can't pull the ad or anything. Sorry they didn't have it in stock! Glad ya found another set!

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