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A queen, her king, 2 princes and a princess!
Oct 20, 2010
I have an appointment for my kids (DS 6 DD4) in April. Can any tell me about or show me the difference between the regular princess dress and the deluxe princess dress? Does anyone have a picture of the prince costume for boys?


DIS Veteran
Jul 13, 2017
Disney is having a sale currently on some costumes for boys and girls; less money than buying them @ BBB surely.

You can also go allll the way money wise at places such as Etsy, Disney Limited, or have costumes custom made by a private individual or company.

It's easy for me to tell the deluxe vs standard outfits as I walk through the parks but fabrics and construction methods are in my blood; my mother owned a special occasion fabric store.

Saw a little girl wearing a gorgeously made princess dress at a WDW hotel last trip. Real sequins expertly applied in a manner that would make a pageant seamtress proud, quality fabrics, and her hair didn't have that severe and stiff BBB top knot look. A family member had made it, her hair was dressed at Ivy Trellis to her grandmother's specifications and if they walked away with the outfit spending less than $650.00 I'd be surprised.

If such talents didn't exist for me or I'd rather put most of the money in a college fund, I'd consider going the Ebay/second market route rather than the mostly low cost looking costumes regularly available.


Spreading Some Pixie Dust Today!
Aug 12, 2006
My only suggestion...based on multiple first hand experiences. Advocate for your child so they don’t basically pull her hair out... they tend to go very very tight and spray like crazy. No one needs a headache, and pulling of the hair like that.


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