best way to early ADR at 'Ohana

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Tinkerbell3014, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Tinkerbell3014

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    Jun 10, 2009
    I need some opinions. We have a 7:30 ADR at 'Ohana and then will be going to MK for the day. We will have a car. Should we drive to the Poly, eat, and then drive to the TTC, park and go to MK or would it be easier to park at the TTC first and then take the monorail to the Poly? Or can we walk over from there? Also, we are staying at POR, anyone know about how much time we should allow to get there?
  2. shafke

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    If you have a car driving would be best.
    I would park at the Poly to eat and then park at the TTC.
    It should take no more than about 15 minutes to drive to the Poly from POR plus an additional 5 minutes to get from your car to the restaurant.

    If you do park at the TTC first then you can walk from the TTC to the Poly.
  3. clkelley

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    I would just park at the TTC and walk over to the Poly. Cause if you park at the Poly, then it is a LONG drive to get around the loop and back to the TTC parking lot.

    (It is one of those 1 way in and 1 way out things and a long loop around).

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