Best Time to Cruise?


Earning My Ears
Jan 15, 2020
Apologies if this has already been posted recently, but with the extension of the FCC I have more options on time of year for my cruise. I understand COVID will almost certainly change crowd trends, but historically when was the lowest crowd time to cruise?

71 Truck

Nov 14, 2018
My wife and I have done most of our cruises the end of November the weekend after Thanksgiving or the first week of December. We love the Christmas's cruises and this is a time when most kids are in school.

The best prices are when cruises are first offered for sale unless you get a Florida resident deal or some sort of other special rate Disney offers to try to fill the boat.

On our last cruise the end of November 2019 the ship was supposedly not sold out and we were told we were about 400 people short a full cruise.

We have cruised in the end April also not a full cruise

We have also cruised in October for Halloween. Those cruises were noticeably busier.


Jan 7, 2018
Do you care where you cruise destination is? 1 way repositioning cruises can be pretty empty, especially the transatlantic cruises because you're going one way during a time when kids are in school. Even if all the cabins are full, most of the TA cruises seem to be two adults per cabin type of configs, so the ships feel nice and empty. Plus all those sea days are awesome! Now sure is Panama, San Juan, or San Diego to Vancouver cruise repositioning are similarly as empty? Maybe someone else can speak to those.



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