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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by linkelly, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. linkelly

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    Jan 5, 2009
    You all have been so great in helping my family choose between YC and WL. We are now leaning toward YC but need more info to commit as we love WL.

    What is the best standard room location at YC to request? I'm assuming there are a lot of parking Lot views and that underwhelms the whole experience.

    Also how far are you from the pool at BC? How crowded does this pool get in late August?

    Also, can you refill your soda mug at Swan and Dolphin if they are nearby?

    Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. pixarmom

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    Oct 20, 2009
    Hi linkelly!!

    I just posted on your other thread. Hope you love YC/BC as much as we do! First, please join us on the YC/BC thread:

    As for your questions, we've only stayed GV at YC. It's just a few dollars more per night and assures that we won't overlook the parking lot. So something to consider.

    We've stayed at YC/BC during many different times of year, including August. I don't ever find the pool to be very crowded, because it's so large. There's plenty of room for guests to spread out, so I actually think it's one of the least crowded pools on property. There's plenty of space in the water and while you may not find five chairs in a row in your preferred spot, we can always find a couple chairs as a "home base." The pool is right outside the YC lobby - and if you click the link to the YC/BC thread, you'll see information about the "secret entrance" that you might want to use to get to/from the pool instead of going through the lobby.

    As for refill mugs, can't use them at Swan/Dolphin. But Ale and Compass refills them, and Beaches N' Cream does, too. But my favorite new refill mug spot near YC is at Hurricane Hanna's - they just re-opened and have a very convenient self-serve station for refills. BC Marketplace is also available, but not as close as the other locations.
  3. mmmears

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    Nov 30, 2005
    We've had standard rooms -- they mostly faced the parking lot but were nice because we couldn't see the cars through the trees. Had a huge corner room once and that was a standard.

    The pool is right at the YC -- no need to go to the BC. It's in between the 2 really.

    If you are worried that it's a big resort, ask for a room by the lobby elevators. That usually works for me and we don't have to wander down the long hallways. That big corner room was right off the lobby (and off the staircase -- so we didn't even use the elevator much).

    We were there last summer and swam most afternoons. There was plenty of room in the pool -- it's huge!

    Check out the info on this thread:

    There are maps, photos, and all kinds of info. Hope it helps!

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