Best shoes for the parks when it is HOT!

Minnie Lor

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May 4, 2006
How would you like to be wearing flip flops on a standing room only bus and someone one steps on your foot or that stroller catches your toe?
Oooo good point. Especially since I have a half marathon the week after I get back.


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Oct 18, 2009
I usually wear a lightweight pair of Nikes with socks, never get blisters!!
For my next trip I purchased Nike Free Runner, they are like water shoes with support!! I hope they will be good for the parks.


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Nov 30, 2004
I arrived yesterday at the parks and will be here for two weeks and I will be wearing either my teva mush flip flops or my teva strap sandals each day in the parks. That is all I bring with me as those are both super comfy for a full day of walking in the parks and the strap type ones are best on days when it's really raining as the flip flops I find will flip flop right off my feet from the water. I've been doing teva's for the past 15 years and have never had any trouble or blisters since i've done so. As for people stepping on my toes or a being run over by a stroller, it's happened, but never so bad that I've been injured or even close to. But that is just my experience!:goodvibes


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Mar 2, 2005
My foot got hurt a few years ago by a scooter driver at Illuminations. Luckily, I was wearing shoes but Grandma weighed upwards of 350, I'm not sure how much the scooter weighed but it hurt pretty bad. My toes were purple and bruised for the rest of the trip. Had I been in flip flops? Oh man, I can just imagine. I might have been driving a scooter.


Mar 14, 2008
Great review. I've been following this thread for awhile. Haven't listened to this week's podcast yet. Anyways, how are these on wet pavement? At home I wear my croc's (only in the house though) I'm training for a 1/2 marathon and of course where really good runners for that. I'm nervous to wear croc's on wet pavement 'cause I'm not the most graceful on slicker surfaces.
Hi, Lorie. Thanks! I've never experienced my flip flops being slick on any wet surface while walking around the parks (I even bring them to the beach and water parks). If they're soaking wet on top or your feet are wet, your feet can slide around slightly in your flip flop but it's never caused me to trip or fall or twist my ankle. And I'll be the first to admit that I'm an absolute klutz. :rolleyes1

I've never owned a pair of crocs (just not my style) so I can't speak about those regarding wet surfaces.

All I can say is that I have GOOD walking sneakers and socks specifically for walking (bought them both for the NYC AIDS walk several years ago). I wore them when we went in December (for MVMCP, etc.) since it was too cold to wear flip flops, and my feet were killing me before we even made it back to our room. I wore them for a less amount of time too since the sun sets sooner in the winter and DH and I tend to wind down sooner.

I guess it all depends on what you need to be comfortable. Thank goodness *knock on wood* I can honestly say that I've never had anyone trip, step or roll over my feet. :scared1: I can only imagine how that puts a damper on anyone's trip, especially when WDW is primarily walking-related.

Definitely in June during the rain and humidity, I wouldn't be able to take socks and sneakers on my feet. I need to have them breathe in the FL sun and heat. (I'm weird. I refuse to wear socks in the summer haha.) To each their own, though, I suppose. :thumbsup2

As long as you (and your feet) are happy, that's all that matters. :goodvibes