best price airfare in town


<font color=green>By his own admission, HAS to be
Apr 8, 2001
3 trips in 6 months to disney and you guys have saved me thousands on the hotels ect. Thanks disney fans. As far as airfare goes to They are the best and always beat the airlines and other web sights on price by alot. You can reserve the tickets for 24 hours before you have to pay for them (so if you see a good price you can hold them untill you talk to significant other). Also you can reserve the actual seats so there are no suprises. Check them out. They saved me $700 on tickets from ny to orlando in may. the airline (delta)wanted 500 a ticket and i got 2 for 150 from the websight. They also sent the tickets out 2 day express to me. No problems at all. Hope you guys like. Let me know how they work for you guys. I loved them. :D

Thanks everyone and have a magical day.

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