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    Hi everyone! I'm helping my son plan a trip to WDW for his college graduation (10-15 May 18). He and a friend are going. Because they are under 25, a car rental is cost prohibitive so they will be making use of Uber and Disney transportation.

    The 10th will be a bust as they are arriving around 10PM. They will then spend the first 3 days doing Disney parks, then a day at Universal, then a day back in the Disney area before leaving that evening on their flight out.

    They aren't necessarily trying to do it "on the cheap" and are interested in a place with somewhat of a resort feel.

    The requests were that a free breakfast would be nice as well as something that offers very good shuttle service to the parks.

    Any recommendations?
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    The Disney Springs hotels are a good match to what you are looking for but not exactly -

    They don't all come with breakfast by default but you can often find a deal where breakfast is included. The shuttle service definitely does not compare to Disney's but they definitely have the best shuttle service to the Disney parks (for an offsite hotel). Unfortunately, I do not believe any of them offer shuttle service to Universal - they would have to rely on Uber for that. I feel like the only one of these hotels that could truly be considered a "resort" is the Hilton Buena Vista Palace.
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