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    Well after 2 summer vacations at DL in CA for the past 2 years we are thinking out coming back to WDW this summer! This will be our first time back to WDW in 5 years. We really like the location/shopping/pricing at DD. What are your recommendations in hotels here? We have stayed at the Best Western before and thought it was just fine for us. It will just be my mom and I. No kids or others...just looking for a place to sleep really as we spend all of our time out and about and not in our rooms! The large value resorts really don’t appeal to us because we will not be traveling with kids and they are a little too large for us. Last time we were in Orlando they were just about to open the Holiday Inn there too. Looks like that might be a good option too.

    Welcome to all opinions for the DD hotels! Thanks and it feels good to be back on this side of the boards!
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    Bumping this - would like any info if you can share. Thanks!

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