Best Family Vacation when you were a kid


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Apr 8, 2011
We drove out to Hollywood, my big sister didnt want to come and stayed with our grandma, so I got to bring my best friend Ricky, it was so much fun. i look back at the pics, my parents were so young
We drove out to Hollywood, my big sister didnt want to come and stayed with our grandma, so I got to bring my best friend Ricky, it was so much fun. i look back at the pics, my parents were so young

I got to bring a friend along for just a weekend get away my parents wanted to go on. We stayed at a really nice hotel and it had a fun pool area. We babysat my younger sister while my parents went to a play. Somewhere into the evening we went down to the vending machine and let's just say there were some "adult" things in there and we tried getting all of them. WE laughed so hard, it became a unforgettable memory. Except I don't remember what we did with any of it, LOL! I'm not sure it was the "best" but it was first thing I thought of.
My dad was the president of the state Associated Press Association and we got to go to the 15th WDW anniversary for a press event. They cleared the 2 parks in the evenings for press guests for a few days and my folks left my much younger brother at home. It was magic!
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I guess I wasn't a kid (I was a freshman in college) but my parents took me on a Baltic Disney cruise. It was wonderful. Definitely our best vacation.

We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up so our vacations were to Myrtle Beach or camping in the mountains. When I was about 10 my parents bought a camper and they kept it at Myrtle in a campground right on the beach for 2 summers. We would go down at least 2 weekends a month from the late spring until early fall. That was the best.
1971 first trip to Disney World... I was 10.... I still get the same feeling when I walk under the railroad onto Main Street... butterflies, and good vibes...

1991 taking my Daughter to Disney World for her first trip she was 3... Amazing...

January 2017 taking my Daughter with my sweet little grandson for his first trip, and his 2nd birthday... Really amazing...
I remember my first trip to WDW and various spots in FL. It was just my younger sister and parents. Then a few years later we went back again but this time my older sister also came. Guess my brother never wanted to come on vacation with us. Wish I had more pics of these trips. I know for our first trip we have some film that my dad took but I haven't seen that in years.
When we were growing up my parents didn't have much extra money. We lived in a medium sized city and my parents had a mobile home on a lot of land owned by my grandparents in a rural area about an hour away. There was a nice, small (about 225 acre) lake about a 1/4 of a mile away. Every summer mom loaded us up as soon as school was out and we spent our summers at the "camp." The town sponsored free events for kids all summer - swimming lessons, tennis lessons, arts & crafts, etc. There was no tv, so we played games, read, did puzzles, etc. My maternal grandparents lived just down the street and we spent a lot of time with them.
We had a ball! There were a couple of day trips here and there, to the beach, Story Land, Santa's Village, etc., but nothing that required a hotel stay.
Driving from CT to Mexico. We were in a station wagon with no AC, with windows rolled down. I was roughly 8 years old (55 now).
I loved it so much because I didn’t want to leave my cat and my parents let me take him in the car.
In retrospect I’m not sure if that was fair to the cat, but at the time it meant the world to me.
Summer of '75. I was 9 yrs. We were taking our biennial trip to North Carolina. We camped along the way. We first stopped at Disney, got to ride Space Mountain the first year it opened. We then hit lots of fun places in NC--- Land of Oz, Tweetsie Railroad, Mystery Hill, Ghost Town in the Sky, Cherokee, Maggie Valley. it was just a great summer. You know, the height of being a kid just before you hit your double digits and start feeling like you are getting too old for things :)
Gosh so many. dad was President of a couple Different RV companies so we camped a lot. Southern Indiana mostly. And my grandparents had places in Flordia, started in the Ft Lauderdale area and then went to the west coast Naples area when I was 10. We did go to WDW December of 1971.
We didn’t have much money growing up. We took exactly one vacation and it was to WDW in 1993. I remember watching them build Tower of Terror and being so sad I couldn’t ride it yet. I didn’t get to go back until 2012.
I'm there was no Disney World, but I did get to Disneyland.

Other than that Yellowstone
I was on the cusp of turning 11 and we drove to WDW in August 1977. During the trip, my DBro (9) decided to break from the rest of the family when we were in Tomorrowland. He was gone for several hours. My parents were frantic. He wanted to go into the Haunted Mansion and couldn't grasp the concept of doing one land at a time and moving along. I don't know how he planned to get into it, because you still needed an E ticket. Security finally found him when a nice grandmotherly woman told them that he was separated from his family. He got his way and that was the next ride on the agenda.

That was the same time that Elvis died. We were driving back to International Drive and stopped for gas and heard that he had died on the radio. My Mom cried.

Other than that, I remember that it was a truly magical vacation for all of us.
We took a trip to the Pocono mountains one Autumn when I was 8 and my sister was 5. Our Mom and Dad took us hiking in the woods, and we went out to eat every night (which was a blast, because we were two kids who didn't go to proper restaurants, only fast food sometimes). We stayed at a Holiday Inn and it had an enormous indoor pool shaped like a snowman that we played in all day while we watched the snow falling outside. My family didn't have lots of money to go on trips, this was once in a lifetime at that time. Usually we just spent Summers in Wildwood, NJ because our grandparents lived there.
I'm 55. My dad was always qualifying for sales trips and we got to go to Hawaii SF, WDW (in the early 70's) Acapulco Princess and a slew of other place and while those were fantastic experiences, my favorite were the summer road trips, we'd usually do two a summer. The destination wasn't the main attraction, it was stopping along the way - where my mom would always make us stop at some historical spot. How she found them pre-internet is pretty amazing. Mark Twain's Hannibal MO, Molly Brown's home, Stone Mountain GA. I loved staying in motor inns, with outdoor corridors, the old built in pool. Everytime I go pass a motor inn like that on the highway - I get all nostalgic.


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