Best Deals For Thanksgiving Week?

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    Aug 7, 2011
    Planning on taking my daughter to WWOHP for her 21st birthday. 1st I had to wait to book because we did not have the money. We were in the process of selling and buying a house. Then I had to wait till after the move, then I had to wait two weeks because we were without internet. Really wanted to make the trip for daughter acutal birthday but school and work require we make the trip at Thanksgiving. When we both have the whole week off.

    Looking to book the trip in the next couple days and plan on staying maybe 4 days, that is a little flexible. Money is tight, but we want to eat at Three Broomsticks and have her first drink at Hogs Head (is that in IOA?, someone mentioned it in another post).

    Looking for best deals on everything hotel, tickets, dinning, etc. during that time period.

    I am correct in the understanding that you have to get the express pass in ADDITION to park tickets? Is it worth it?

    Any info, advise or suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated
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    Apr 12, 2005
    If you're going over the Thanksgiving holiday, you aren't going to find many deals since that is a holiday week. I think there is a Costco four day ticket that's not a bad deal but not sure about the onsite hotels.

    I don't think you will find much.
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    Sep 6, 2011
    If you stay at an onsite hotel, you get Unlimited Express access included with your hotel rate, no need to purchase an extra ticket. You also get early admission to IOA (where WWoHP is located). You might check the crowd calendar - if Thanksgiving week is a busy time, the extra price of staying onsite to get those perks might be worth it.

    Booking an offsite hotel through the Universal website will get you early entry into IOA, but no Express. Some of their offsite rates aren't bad, I found one that was actually cheaper than booking directly with the hotel.

    You can also purchase a VIP ticket (not a tour, a VIP ticket) if you are staying offsite, that also includes Unlimited Express. But these are very expensive, you might want to check crowd levels before you buy. A regular Express pass only works one time at each attraction.

    There probably aren't too many hotel discounts available during holiday weeks, but I think they do offer discounts for AAA members. You can also sometimes get discounts on onsite hotels if you have a preferred or premiere annual pass, and if you are staying several days sometimes the hotel discount more than makes up for cost of upgrading your ticket. Type "APH" in the promotion code box on the Universal hotel booking page to see what annual passholder discounts are available for that week, before you buy the annual pass.

    Sometimes other travel sites offer buy x number of days, get x number of days free tickets when you book a hotel through them, but you might want to do some checking to determine if this is an actual deal or how much you are really saving.

    Remember that there is no Express access to the Forbidden Journey ride at WWoHP, or for Ollivanders wand shop.

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