Best compression stockings for Disney?

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    So I am under very direct and strict orders from my cardiologist that I need to wear compression stockings when we leave for Disney in 19 days. When I stand for too long,I get dizzy, lightheaded and tend to turn very very pale.

    Are all compression stockings the same or are there differences. I am planning on asking her when I see her next week but I thought maybe some people here might now.

    Also, has anyone here worn compression stockings while in Disney? Did you find them uncomfortable or was it manageable? I figure it's better than the alternative of possibly passing out in line...
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    I don't know too much about them, but I do know that they come in varying degrees of compression. You would be better off getting the ones that your doctor recommends. Also, with a script from the doctor for them, if you go to a medical supply place, your health insurance might pay for them. They are not cheap! The ones that I bought a few years ago (my condition could not take them. Too much pressure on my feet), were $20+ a pair. Actually most are not sold in pairs they are sold singly.
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    Hi. yes i wear comp. stockings almost every where. mine are custom made with a persciption from my doc. but you can buy them over the counter. look under med supply stores via internet/phone book.
    i get the flesh toned ones becuase i like to wear shorts at disney. and they don't stick out as bad.
    my sisters legs and ancles swell up really bad at the parks (looks like their shoes are going to split) and start complaining befor noon. for some reason they just won't try them. I on the other hand am quite comfortable and ready to do more.
    they are difficult (for some) to get them on and it's recomended that you use nitril gloves to help put them on.
    they come in differant weight/gage. should talk with your doc. about what would be best. I, like my sisters build up a lot of fluid so mine are heavy gage.
    they are also great for long sitting times while traveling. they help prevent leg blood clots.
    I hope this is of use for you. Happy Holidays
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    My MIL has worn very strong support panty hose for years - she pretty much wears them whenever she is out of bed. I think her doctor has her wearing 2 pairs of regular support hose at once because she needs compression, but not quite as much as from compression panty hose. She does wear Capri pants, so they show from pretty much knees down.

    As the other posters mentioned, compression stockings come in various amounts of compression. A pair that is too loose won't do what it needs to. A pair that is too tight will actually cut off blood flow!
    So, you will need information from your doctor about how aggressive the compression should be.

    Size is also important - they are tighter at the bottom and the weave gets looser as they go up. That helps to keep blood flowing and is also why the measurements other posters mentioned are important. The area of less compression coming in the wrong spot can keep the compression hose from working correctly.
    For example, my MIL is barely 5 feet tall. I am over 5 foot 7 with a 34 inch inseam. MIL's knee is about 6 inches lower than mine, so even if we both wore the same weight/compression of stockings, here's would be a much different size.

    As was already suggested, your insurance might pay with a prescription from your doctor. It will depend on your policy. Check also into what your copay would be - sometimes the total price paying out of pocket from a discount place that doesn't take insurance may be less than your copay from a place that does.

    Many of the companies that make/sell compression stockings actually have instructions or videos that show how to put them on - there are tricks, as uncle duck mentioned - that some recommend.

    Even if you have more than one pair, plan that you will be washing out a pair by hand every night. Ivory Snow or Woolite are often recommended for washing them. You should be able to hang them from the pull out line in your bathroom tub or using hangers in your closet.

    (The RN in me wants to cover all bases).

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