Best "Baby Lojack" for parks/real-world?

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  1. Zhoen

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    Apr 24, 2011
    Hi Everyone,

    Ok so this question is 2 parts, both regarding devices that can help you track a runner who has slipped away from you.

    We already have a "dog tag" LITERALLY chained to her wrist (no clasp, she can't take it off without tools), but it's pretty and she thinks it's a bracelet.

    I'll probably put a temp tattoo on the back of her neck, too... but if she bolts, it would be great to have a transmitter on her so we can find her BEFORE a stranger needs to call me.

    I've found a number of them online with mixed reviews, but an amazing number of things sold for "kids" are actually used by people to find pets, adults with dementia, and, in one case, model rockets... so their testimonials don't tell me what I need to know.

    Real parents with real runners, what have you tried, what worked best? I like the idea of Loc8or, that it buzzes as soon as they break a barrier distance, but does anyone have any real-world experience with these? Did they work in a crowded park?

    Also, ideas for keeping the transmittor on a kid who is well enough to understand how to disable devices, but sick enough to not realize why she shouldn't? It's a beast.
  2. deegack

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    Jul 18, 2010
    My sister used a device that attached to her ds shoe. She had a button and when she couldn't see him she could press it and a loud alarm went off. Luckily he learned to stay close quickly.
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    Apr 17, 2008
    My son is 19 and Autistic and eloped quite frequently when little. we always made him hold our hand whenever we went anywhere. if he let go he got punished right away ( verbal ) and told to sit down to take a break untill he could follow the "holding hands" rule. He is 19 and still will hold hands on his own without prompting. as for the tattoo good idea but who is going to think to look there for information? My son wears a medic alert bracelet. If someone finds him they have to call the number to give them the code# on his bracelet to get our phone numbers. I also have his medical information and meds on the web site that they have and I can up date it when anything changes. we tried to use thoes leash things but he would wrap himself around a pole and thought it was funny. I know there are tracking devices out there but most are costly and you will have to carry the tranmitter with you. I saw something simular like a break away thing they wore a wrist band and you attached it to your arm. if they broke away an alarm went off. I will look up my Autism sites for the link for it. I think it was around $30 it would do what you wanted but you wouldnt need the transponder to find her.
    here is a link I found. If you google Autism tracking devices more will come up too.. just as a side note after 4 cops a search dog and a helicopter were out looking for him we put double keyed locks on all the doors.

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