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    Oct 11, 2008
    Hi, I am doing this search for my sister. Her husband and herself and 2 adult children have decide to join us for a few days in Florida while we are there. We won't be there until Monday March 8th, and they can only stay til the 12th of March, but are able to go down the Sat (march 6th) and spend 2 nights with just the 4 of them. So they would like to rent something on the beach or accross the beach for 2 nights, March 6th and 7th, then will join us for 5 nights, as we have booked a 3 bdrm at Cypress Point.
    They mentioned Daytona and St Petes, but are open to ideas, and a little nightlife as well, being there kids are both over 21. Can anyone direct me in the right direction? There is so many hotels, motels, and condos for both beaches that I have looked for that it is overwhelming.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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