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Earning My Ears
Feb 5, 2002
We just "bought" on Monday. The paperwork hasn't arrived here yet, though. Originally, we'd been planning on buying at VWL, but at the last minute we changed to BCV. Now, with all the discussion of the view - or lack thereof, I'm beginning to wonder if we did the right thing. It would have been quite a bit cheaper for us to do Magical Beginnings and do VWL, but we went with the newness of BCV.

What do you think? It's been years since I've been to WDW, so I haven't seen any of the resorts. We have a 4 and 2 year old, so we were going with VWL for the proximity to the Magic Kingdom.
Certainly, it isn't to late to change your mind. Give some serious thought to your decision, talk it over with your Guide. I can certainly understand your balk. The atmosphere of the two resorts is very differant. We own at VWL and BWV. We have no interest in BCV as it has the same location as BWV. Frankly though, VWL doesn't have much of a view either, yet they too are considered preferred views.
This is just my opinion, but If I were you I would decide based on the resort itself. Take a look at the DVC web site and look at the pictures of each resort. VWL, hence the name, has more a wilderness, up north, cabin type of look with a lot of dark colors. BCV has a more beach type theme with lighter colors. Both resorts are beautiful in thier own way, you just have to decide what is right for you. As far as the newness of the resort, VWL is not that old either.

As for the age of your childern, they are not always going to be 4 and 2 and the main park you visit will probably change a lot over the next 40 years. I wouldn't base it too much on that.

Our kids are 4 and 5 and we decided to go with the BCV mainly because I loved the BC resort, both the themeing and the area itself. (and the pool, Stormalong Bay, didn't hurt either). Yes, we do go to MK more then Epcot right now, but it is really nice to be able to walk to Epcot which only takes 5 minutes to go see the fireworks whenever we want to. I was ready to purchase into DVC when VWL was for sale but knew that that themeing just wasn't right for me, so its really just a personal preference.
We bought into VWL last June, but we had never seen the inside of either the Lodge or the Villas until last week when we took our first DVC trip. Because we were bringing 3 grandparents, we booked at BWV for the location and proximity to both Epcot and MGM. And the entire Boardwalk area (including the Beach Club) is very beautiful. You're close to 2 parks, there's a lot going on, and as mentioned, great pool in Stormalong Bay. So for the first few days there, I was almost feeling regretful that we hadn't learned of DVC early enough to have purchased BWV instead. But then on our third day, we decided to head on over to the Wilderness Lodge to 'check it out', and OH MY - It is SOOOOOO Beautiful. I wouldn't rate one resort higher than the other on a beauty scale, but BW and WL have *completely* different feels to them. As you know, you're more in the middle of things at the Boardwalk area. At the Wilderness Lodge, it's *incredibly* relaxing - you feel as if you're miles and miles from civilization, near a lake in the middle of a huge forest - even though you're really only a stone's throw from the MK. The lodge itself is magnificent, and I have to say that our experience at the restaurant "Whispering Canyon" is some of the most fun we've had at WDW. Our 1.5 yo LOVED it. We just *can't wait* until our first trip to stay in VWL, this October.

All I'm trying to say, I guess, is that you won't lose out in choosing either of these - they're both extremely beautiful resorts, in great locations, with assorted pros and cons associated with them, but they're both great choices. A lot to love, all the way around.

VWL is beautiful along with WL. With the age of your children IMHO it might be the better choice due to the boat to MK. They also have the use of the pool at WL with the slide.
But you really can't go wrong with either one. You can always use your 7 month window and try out the other DVC resorts.

By the way Welcome Home
I've been having the same "problem". :crazy: We own at VWL already and are adding on 100pts. I called in time to get the MB offer but was told if I wanted to change my mind and buy BCV that was not a problem either. When push came to shove I went with the economical choice VWL. To be honest with you I've never been to VWL and the lodge look does nothing for me I'd much rather prefer the lighter and brighter colors of BCV. We just got back from OKW and I LOVED it!
However, I want to visit EVERY DVC resort eventually and I think that I am just making myself nuts (at least that's what DH has observed) by nitpicking. We vacation flexibly so I'm sure I will get the reservations that I need. I never thought I would get a GV at OKW not owning there but I did on my first try. I think some people need to plan a certain way or maybe only want to stay at one place and that is why they choose certain resorts and man, it sure is easy to get caught up in it. But for me it's economics first......don't kill yourself over it, it's supposed to be fun! :D
We were originally going to wait for BCV but we stayed at the VWL on a cash ressie 12/00 and it was just like fallin' in love. The BW/BC area is more convenient with more nightlife and parks within walking distance but we would not trade this for the natural serenity of the lodge site. My very opinionated advice is to buy VWL while you still can, you can always consider a BC add on at a later date.

I am really amazed at the number of posters that purchased sight unseen...that's a true testament to the Disney way.

As for which one...we have OKW and BWV - I just called Joan this week to start the paperwork for BCV. We are in our mid to late 30's and have no children (unless you count drunken friends). We just love the atmosphere of BWV and BCV. Don't get me wrong VWL is great and the location is nice - we just like the BW area more. What I'm trying to say is - it's all about personal preference....:jester: others have said, you really can't go wrong either way.

Having said that, these two resorts are very different. VWL will be much quieter, earth-tone laden, and heavily reliant on the boat and bus service to get around. The view is primarily woods with some rooms overlooking the quiet pool (and more woods). We bought there sight unseen, but had stayed at the WL so we knew what theming would be like.

BCV will be a much busier area with SAB, the Boardwalk and the parks nearby. You can walk to two parks from BCV.

Imagine, with no respect to money, your idea of a perfect vacation place in the world. Then open your eyes and see which of these comes closest.

And don't forget that BWV and OKW are available via resale as well.

Good luck on your decision.
It's not an easy decision, but I also think you can take some comfort in the fact that other than peak times, you should be able to visit both resorts within the 7 month window.

We hope to try WLV, BCV, BWV, Vero, and Hilton Head sometime. We even have dreams of maybe someday staying at a grand villa at OKW.

Then, I could even see splurging and using our points to stay at a resort on the monorail line.......
If you are buying more than the minimum contract, you may want to consider doing 150 at one and the remainder of your purchase at the other. We bought VWL last year and LUV it. It is great while the kids are little--close to MK. Now we are adding on with BCV. When the kids get older I think they will be a little more interested in the Epcot area. I think we will have the best of both worlds. (Actually, the best of 3 worlds, we bought at HH too.). Good luck!!
Am I confused? I know there was one post that VWL was only available as a new sale (minimum 150 pts), but I thought that was incorrect info and it's now only available as an add on (or a resale though a broker).


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