Beach Club Villas

Terry S

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Aug 9, 2001
I was talking with my guide the other day regarding Beach Club Villas and he was saying that he didn't think there would be any Magical Beginnings offered on BCV during the pre-sale. He did emphatically state this is only his opinion, not anything he heard from DVC. His reason was that you can't sell back points for a resort that isn't even open yet because DVC wouldn't be able to book those rooms to cash paying cusomters. He also mentioned that he didn't think they would be able to pre-date a use year month either. If these assumption are correct I hope they come up with some other type of incentives.


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Aug 19, 1999
I seem to remember that they did have predated use years and MB with WLV when or shortly after it opened. MB was at $5 per point though. I suspect they used the unsold rooms to make up the difference.


There's nothing automatic about MB. The program has changed over the years in terms of discount allowed. As I recall, at one time you could only sell back 1/2 of your points.

I've never seen MB as an "incentive" to purchase DVC. I think that it was developed to provide competition with the resale market. Frankly, I don't think that MB is that great a deal........but that's another post for another day:) :)