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    Feb 14, 2001
    We are leaving the Beach Club tomorrow morning to head to Universal. Park opens at 9:00 and we have our tickets already. How long, in general, does it take in the I4 traffic to get to the Universal parking structure? I have been before but was staying at Universal's Portofino Bay so walked or took the boat.
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    You would take Epcot resorts blvd to Buena Vista dr. to Epcot Center dr. to I-4.The Epcot Center entrance to I-4 is exit 65 and you would get off at Universal blvd which is exit 75a so it's 10 miles on I-4.If you encounter no traffic you're looking at 20-25 minutes from the time you get on your car at the Beach club,5-10 minutes to get to I-4,10 minutes on I-4 and then another 5 minutes to get to the parking garage.
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    give yourself extra time for traveling.
    parking your car, walking thru citywalk to the parks, then waiting in line to enter the parks can eat away some time.

    if you arrive at the park gate early, might as well wait there than in traffic reaching the park.
    if parry hotter is the first thing on your list, head there first as it only grows in numbers before noon time.

    go early and stay late.

    have a great day at the darkside tomorrow!

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