Beach Club~ Club level, Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by teacher1717, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. teacher1717

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    Jun 9, 2010
    We are hading back to out happy place this July for another 12 days of fun! Last year we stayed at the Beach Club and fell in love. This year we are debating trying club level for the first time as a surprise for my Nephew's 8th grade graduation.

    Just wondering if it is worth it for the experience. If you did it once would you do it again???

    We would take advantage of the breakfast, snacks, and drinks. Can we get bottle of water and soda in the morning to take into the parks with us???

    What are the 5th floor rooms like? Will we still be able to get the daybed and full balcony on that floor. We had a such a great time and a lovely room last time (day bed and first floor patio) I nervous about changing.

    Thanks for any and all experiences.
  2. Ninja Mom

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    Apr 2, 2012
    Hi there! :wave2:

    First I'd like to invite you to the BC/YC FAQ Thread. Be sure to read page 1 of this thread because it is FILLED with INSIDER TIPS that will really help you with your resort stay. There are also a bunch of regular contributors that can really help with any questions not covered on page 1. Please don't be bashful, join the discussion with your questions and concerns. We'd love to help you!

    Here is the Handy Dandy link to the FAQ thread:

    Second, if you start with this post you'll see my review and explanation of what I experienced staying at Club Level and my opinions on how best to utilize it's wonderful convenience. Be sure to read the posts after to get more info from subsequent discussions.

    Good luck!

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  4. TJA

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    Oct 8, 2000
    I see you asked if it's worth it for the experience, and to that question I'd definitely answer yes. What's not to love about having your very own floor, your own CM's always available to help, food and drinks always available for the taking, free movies/DVD's, and just plain feeling spoiled ;).

    We have had to ask for water bottles and the CM's get us some. They just don't leave them sitting out anymore. If you want water to drink in the lounge or in your room, they have the long glass bottles sitting out.

    Soda - no problem, take as many as you want. Not sure if the soda is sitting in the fridge in the mornings, though, can't remember for sure. If not, you can always ask and they'll simply bring you some. You can also stock up at any time and leave the soda or other drinks in your fridge in your room.

    We've found you can ask for anything and the CM's will do their best to get it. We've asked for strawberries before (for our DD) and the CM brought us a big plate of strawberries for her.

    It's very easy to get used to treatment like that.....:cloud9:

    Let's see -- you'd do breakfast, snacks, and drinks. Breakfast is great -- oatmeal, cereal, danish, hard boiled eggs, fruit, seems like bagels too. Snacks during midafternoon are not so great, in my opinion. They put out a few things like cookies, gummies, maybe yogurt covered pretzels, sometimes a nut mix. Drinks are plentiful, so you will definitely enjoy that. Beer and wine are out from 5-7 during hot appetizer time. But if you want a beer (like my DH...) at odd times like during the afternoon, just ask a CM and they will gladly get it for you.

    If you can ever make it to the appetizer time frame of 5-7 pm, it's pretty good really. Some days we use it for a light dinner if we have a large sit-down lunch.

    Also, desserts from 8-10 pm (or so) and you should try to grab some of those. We always bring dessert back to our room while we watch a movie. :thumbsup2

    You also ask about the rooms on the 5th floor...they are not much different than the regular rooms. You still would need to request the daybed and full balcony. I think most rooms have the daybed, but still request it to be sure. I don't want to say the maid service is "better" on the 5th floor, but we've always been well taken care of (better than when we're in a regular room/non CL room). And there is automatic turn-down service which is nice to come back to at night (dim lights, beds turned, chocolate on the pillows).
  5. scottmel

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    Jul 28, 2002
    I have done CL at BWI, BC and YC and was pretty disappointed in BC CL. Small lounge. Floor is if you aren't close to the lounge you have a hike. 4 of the 5 garden view club level rooms connect and 1 is handicapped accessible to which if you are handicapp you are in luck. Otherwise sinks are in the bathroom area and zero water pressure. Lounge was ok. I found it not near as well stocked as YC - even in terms of having proper refreshments at the proper times. VERY crowded. Just so not my think...YC I adored!!!
  6. dana278

    dana278 Mouseketeer

    May 19, 2012
    Thanks for this input. I've never stayed at either resort but I want to make a reservation soon for an upcoming trip. I've been going back and forth a million times between YC CL and a BC CL Deluxe room. While I'd love to have the larger room (and the shorter walk to Epcot), something about the YC just keeps calling me.

    Is there anything you can tell me about the Garden View CL rooms at YC? I like to avoid noise as much as possible so I usually request hotel rooms away from elevators/ice machines/service doors, but if there are only a few rooms in the first place it might not be possible. I'd like to know what I should expect ahead of time. Thanks!
  7. Epcotgal

    Epcotgal Guest

    We loved the BC Club Level. Enjoy!
  8. housetomouse

    housetomouse DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2009
    It's been a few years, but I think this hasn't changed. There are (I think) 4 rooms at YC GV CL that share a very large balcony. They are close to the CL lounge. We didn't have any problems staying in one of these rooms and never ran into anyone else on the big balcony, but it's possible the people you share it with aren't quiet types, or maybe you'd like the privacy of your own (much smaller) balcony. Just wanted to mention in case it's something you want to make sure you don't get. We loved it, lots of room to spread out on the balcony and just a few doors down from the lounge, and it wasn't loud at all. YMMV, though.
  9. housetomouse

    housetomouse DIS Veteran

    Mar 26, 2009
    One other thing we learned at YC CL (haven't stayed at BC) is that when EMH are very early (7am) and you want to make it to rope drop, the CL lounge is probably closed when you leave the hotel. This means no coffee, no sodas, no breakfast on those mornings.

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