Be Our Guest for lunch or dinner?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Mom22girls56, Feb 6, 2013.

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    We are going the week before Thanksgiving and everyone is really excited to see the new Fantasyland! Be Our Guest is definitely on the list of restaurant musts and I was thrilled to see that they offer a CS lunch, but after reading a few things on here I'm thinking maybe we need to do dinner? There are 8 people in our party, 3 of which are children (8, 6, and almost 2). None of us are picky eaters at all, so the food selection doesn't really matter. Also, if we do lunch would you recommend a certain time that may be less busier than other times?
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    We completely enjoyed BOG for lunch. If you can't get an ADR for dinner the lunch is very good. You may have to stand in line a bit (we waited about a 1/2 hr from the time we got in line and sat). This is definitely my favorite CS (I wouldn't call it quite QS since it's not that quick but that's ok).

    Food is good at lunch and they even offer some entrees at this time. The nice thing about lunch is you can wonder around taking photos of all of the rooms and not feel like you're getting in the servers' way. At lunch they do wheel your food out to you so you don't have to fumble with trays. And they serve your food on regular plates and you use silverware (not the plastic stuff). The drinks are self-serve so there are paper cups there. But somehow it just has an upscale feel to it because of these extras at lunch.

    Feel free to check out a recent lunch review. I am working on another from this past week that will be up soon so make sure to check back. I will be adding a lot of photos of the decor as well. The runners that brought the food out also allowed me to take some photos of the food on their carts so I will be posting that as well.

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