BCV? Yacht Club Concierge? or GF???

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Tine, Feb 17, 2003.

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    BCV? Yacht Club Concierge?or GF?
    Hi All!
    I'm new here, but a die hard Disney-holic/veteran! My Dh & our 3 kids (4,10, & 12) Hve been grappling w/ quite a dilemma! We ALWAYS have stayed on the monorail @ GF, last yr, we stayed @ the Poly. This yr, DH wanted to stay & Y&BC, so we're @ YC Concierge. BUT...now here's the dilemma ...DH REALLY wants to buy @ the BCV @Dis. Vac. Clb... What are ANYONE's thoughts?
    Has ANYONE ever been disappoined after having purchased DVC?
    How about being disappoined w/ Y&BC locale? I feel we've been so spoiled(& loving it) by staying on the mono, that I'm utterly confused. How is the Y&BC/BCV locale? How about the BCV? Are they as lovely as the pics look? We will be happy there?
    HELP!!!! Any advice welcome!
    Also ..... HOW MANY POINTS??????
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    You never know for sure until you try it. I would book a stay at the BCV rather than Yacht Club Concierge and try it out. A two-bedroom would be the best choice to really get a feel for a DVC stay. You would then know whether or not you like the location and/or the DVC way of staying. My guess is that you will be very happy. :)
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  4. anniet

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    Jul 10, 2002
    Yes, disappointed that I didn't purchase about 5 years ealier, and YES they are as beautiful if not more so than the pictures.

    The beauty of DVC is that you are not "locked" into your home resort. While you do have 11 month booking privileges which will be key if you travel during peak seasons, you can also book any of the other DVC resorts at the 7 month window, like the Boardwalk Villas, Wilderness Lodge Villas, Old Key West or even Vero Beach or Hilton Head.

    The other things you may need to be aware of:

    1)DVC does not provide daily housekeeping unless you are willing to pay extra for it- they do a full cleaning of your room on your 4th day and if you stay longer than 7 they will do trash and towels on the 8th, so if you don't like making your own bed and can't stand an unmade bed that might be something for you to consider.

    2)Owning DVC does require planning for your vacations and careful handling of your points. If you don't follow the banking guidelines properly you could lose points and losing points is losing money.

    3) If you like to plan your Christmas trip to WDW in October, you might not get a room at DVC. If you plan in advance you are more likely to get what you want.

    4)While you may not need it, you should have a backup vacation plan, like a different size accomodation, or a different DVC resort.

    I'm sure there are other points to consider and I'm sure others will post some of them, but if you haven't taken a tour yet, you should probably call DVC directly to get some information and if you have plans on going back you may want to take a tour.
  5. CaptainMidnight

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    Apr 2, 2000
    I agree with the previous advice, switch your reservations to BCV and try it out to see what you think. Get at least a one bedroom. Check out the Epcot resort area with the nice boat rides to MGM. Location is everything, you may not like the bus ride or distance to AK if that's your favorite park. Try it and see.

    We personally think the BCV is the best location, and prefer it over GF. We may go to AK or MK in the morning, but tend to end up many days at Epcot in the evening, or Fantasmic or the Osborne lights in season. When we get the chance, heading over to Jellyrolls is great fun as well.

    Every persons tastes are different. If you prefer MK, you may want to check out WLV on your trip, with the advantage of boat rides to the MK. Personally, I think the monorail is over rated, but that's me. It is more fun than a bus. Walking directly into Epcot is pretty convenient.
  6. lacool

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    Dec 30, 2002
    1.) This may not be the ideal forum to sniff out the opposing view point. Most of the fine folks who frequent this forum are happy DVC owners counting down until their next trip, newbies like myself who finally found the bandwagon and were happy to jump on with both feet, and folks who rent points from DVCers to avoid that large initial outlay of cash. There seem to be few in here who came to say they are unhappy or made a mistake in purchasing DVC.

    2.) Buying into DVC doesn't mean you have to give up staying on the monorail. You can use your points to stay in any of the other Disney properties, although that may not be the most economical use of points. But if you find yourself itching to stay at the GF or Poly one more time, you have the flexibility to do so. But remember, once you've stayed in a 2-bedroom, you may find it hard to regress into a studio hotel room (especially when sharing with 3 kids).
  7. Dancind

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    Jul 25, 2001
    The price you are paying for your accomodations at YC Concierge could go a long way toward your DVC purchase, so it's a good time to think about it! When I think about the $5000 we spent on our first trip to WDW, staying at the BC on the Grand Plan, I feel a little sick. We coulda had a DVC! Didn't buy until 2001, but we love it. Of course, you will have to provide the "Concierge" snacks yourself, but it won't be too bad with the full kitchen. And don't forget the washer/dryer in the 1 and 2 BR's. Just make your DH promise to do most of the cooking/washing, and you'll still be staying in Concierge! As your kids get older, you'll also love the quick access to Epcot (dinner is a 10 minute walk away!), and you can book into WVL as long as they're primarily MK fans. Diana
  8. erikthewise

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    Just so you know you it's an option:
    we bought in at near-minimum points with the intention of doing split stays, as we don't want to entirely give up on other resorts. Last year we did BCV and AKL, and this year we'll do BCV and something else (not decided yet). We use points at DVC resorts and cash at the other resorts, as it seems to make more sense economically than buying enough points to stay at Polynesian or GF.

    And I know of one DISer who does split stays between BCV and YC concierge! (Laura, where are you?)
  9. bcvillastwo

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    Dec 20, 2002

    You say you are a Disney-holic and a vet and from your post you I would assume that you like a little more upscale environment when you go to Disney. I've never personnally stayed at Yacht Club Concierge level but I have stayed at the GF and while I don't consider myself a Disney-holic I can say that I prefer BCV to the GF.

    I have no idea how much it will cost to stay at the Yacht Club Concierge but I'm certain it will be expensive. So, if you are even marginally interested in BCV (or the other vacation club properties) you should seriously consider renting points or making a cash reservation for a one bedroom unit to check it out.

    If you are a frequent visitor to Disney World you may find that one of the DVC resorts meets your needs. We have no regrets about purchasing at BCV at all.

    FYI, I've looked over the other posts in reply to your question and each one makes some very good points. I'm sure you will see others after this one and you may see some that want to discuss the economics of buying into DVC. Look at them all, consider them carefully, but nothing takes the place of actually staying in one of the resorts to give you a real feel for what it's like.

    Good luck on your decision.
  10. lacool

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    Dec 30, 2002
    Okay, I really, really don't want to be the one to bring it up, but with two adults and three kids, you will be looking at staying in 2-bedroom units on a regular basis, as the occupancy limit for a 1-bedroom is 4 people. Keep that in mind when considering your points needs.
  11. bcvillastwo

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Tine, it's true that the stated occupancy limit for a one bedroom is 4 people but I think you will find that many people in your situation (children 4, 10, and 12) would think nothing of staying in a one bedroom and putting the youngest child on an air mattress.

    However, if you read the boards frequently you will see the gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, reminder that one bedroom units have an occupancy limit of 4 people. I like to believe that those who feel compelled to note the occupancy limit every time as good hearted people who are simply trying to help others abide by the rules.
  12. Desperado

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    Mar 22, 2002
    The level of dissagreement regarding occupancy limits are so strong by each of the opposing views that those discussions are not allowed to take place on this DVC forum, and are only allowed to take place on the debate board.
    That's a nice thought, it would be nice if you were right. Regardless, we have clearly been informed that those discussions/debates cannot take place on this DVC forum.

    Good luck with your decision. Let us know.
  13. Maistre Gracey

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    Apr 23, 2002
    The hotels we have stayed at include The Poly, Wilderness Lodge, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. On my recent trip, we stayed a few days at The Poly Concierge Lagoon View, and we were disappointed. I think we are too spoiled from our stays at VWL to enjoy another hotel to it's fullest extent.
    --In short, I would choose BCV. After staying in a DVC resort, I no longer have the desire to stay at a regular hotel/resort.....and we were DIEHARD Poly lovers.

    Have Fun......:cool:

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