BCV Room Photos and Descriptions


Beach Club Dee
Jul 19, 2008
BCV Room Views and Descriptions

The purpose of this thread is to give some samples of rooms with various views at the Beach Club Villas.

Please note that we generally do not recommend that you request a particular room number for your stay at the resort, but instead let the room assigner know what is most important to you

Please post your pictures and descriptions here, I will try to keep an index. If possible, please include your room number, type and date of your stay.

Regarding access to outside paths from first floor BCV rooms:

Assuming it is BCVs, the answer will vary depending upon location. For the most part the first floor villas access "a path" which will eventually get you to the main areas. The only exceptions are the villas that are directly adjacent to the Dunes Cove Pool [one side] where there is no path and you'll run in to the fence surrounding the pool. Probably 7 villas in all with only one of those being a studio. Having said that, there may also be some shrubs, trees and lattice to navigate depending on actual location. The sliders do not have key access nor can they be locked from the outside.

PS- here is another resource for finding info about specific Beach Club Villa rooms

Beach Club Villas


Larger than normal balconies (include) 263, 455, 463,

Room ???, Studio, Missyrose and Pixeldust, October 2012

Room 101, 2 BR (Dedicated)

Room 123, 2 BR

Room 166

Room 239, villa

Room 312

Room 309, 1 BR

Room 367, 2 BR

Room 370

Room 402, 2 BR

Room 416

Room 422

Room 425, Studio, Handicapped Accessible

Room 431, villa

Room 436

Room 441

Room 455

Room 457

Room 470

Room 516, villa

Room 531, villa

Room 548, 1BR

Room 555, villa

Room 566, villa

Renovated BCV Rooms: 539, 540, 547 Late February 2016

Beach Club Villas Floor Plans

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Beach Club Dee
Jul 19, 2008
These are pictures that missyrose (Missy) and pixeldust (Franklin) took during their October 2012 trip.

I think this is a studio villa, but someone please correct me if I am wrong. Is that the mini fridge under the microwave?

Please note, this is a handicap accessible room.

There are also a few pictures of a studio villa (and a 1 BR and 2 BR) on Post 11 on Page 1 of this thread http://www.disboards.com/showpost.php?p=49346363&postcount=11



Beach Club Dee
Jul 19, 2008
Originally posted on FAQ:

Hi :)

I have room pictures from Beach Club Villas 1 Bedroom - Room 548, Our visit was June 2013.

I thought it might be helpful to some planning a stay at BCV.

View from Balcony during the day, mainly trees and the top of a few buildings.

We could hear the music and see some of IllumiNations high fireworks at night standing on the balcony.

I hope it was ok to post here. I thought there was a room thread but I couldn't find it.

Thank you and I hope this helps someone in their planning.

We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed our stay at the BCV. The room was clean and comfortable. There were a few things in need of repairs but nothing major, just a lose door handle on the bathroom and a few other minor things. Nothing seemed worn out, we thought it was in very good shape considering the turnover at BCV.

  • Best Aunt

    "That's the best-est present ever!"
    May 1, 2009
    2 BR at BCV, March 2012

    Room 367.

    This was a 2 bedroom at BCV with 2 queen beds in the second bedroom. There aren't very many of this configuration. The other 2 bedroom configurations at BCV have 1 queen size bed and one sofa bed in the second bedroom. Some are "lock-offs," meaning they are a studio and a 1 bedroom which are connected, and sometimes are booked as separate rooms. The rest are "dedicated," meaning the studio and 1 bedroom cannot be booked separately.

    Here are the 2 beds in the second bedroom:

    This is the TV in the living room:

    I think this was the sink in the bathroom for the second bedroom, but I'm not positive:

    The living room:

    Looking into the kitchen from the living room:

    Best Aunt

    "That's the best-est present ever!"
    May 1, 2009
    Handicapped Accessible Studio at BCV, March 2012. I had not requested a HA room, but that's what I got.

    Room 425.

    The bed:

    Area near the door. It seems like there should have been a closet here. I don't know if they left the empty space so that people could put a wheelchair there at night.

    TV with drawers underneath:

    Sliding bathroom door:

    Bathtub/shower. Note that it was not a roll-in shower, but it did have grab bars:

    There was zero counter space in the bathroom:

    And the design of the sink was such that you couldn't leave stuff on there, either:

    The toilet had grab bars:

    View from the room:

    Another photo of the view from the room:

    Apparently I didn't take any photos of the couch or the kitchenette area, probably because they weren't any different from what you would find in a regular studio.

    Best Aunt

    "That's the best-est present ever!"
    May 1, 2009
    1 bedroom at BCV, March 2011

    Room 309.

    Here's the bed:

    Bedroom TV:


    High chair:

    Washer/dryer. If you are staying on points, you don't get daily Mousekeeping, so you won't get more laundry detergent every day.

    Big sink in bathroom:

    Small sink in bathroom:


    Jacuzzi tub. The shutters open onto the bedroom. Note that there is also a walk-in shower, but apparently I didn't take a picture of it.


    Another shot of the kitchen. That's the fridge on the far left.

    Counter area between the kitchen and living room:


    DIS Veteran
    Jun 28, 2012
    Here are some pictures of villa 402, the views, and the lobby and drawing room.
    Villa 402 is a 2 bedroom. Our trip was in September of 2013.

  • rafikifan2911

    Jul 28, 2011
    Just a question are the newly redone rooms not having the celling fans and spa tubs? That's what I'm seeming from the pictures!!


    Beach Club Dee
    Jul 19, 2008
    Just a question are the newly redone rooms not having the celling fans and spa tubs? That's what I'm seeming from the pictures!!
    I don't know. The only pictures I have seen are the ones linked at the beginning of this thread. I haven't heard any reports from guests who have stayed in newly renovated rooms.



    Aug 4, 2012
    Sorry, my reply didn't quite the question I was answering regarding ceiling fans in the renovated rooms.

    I haven't seen this question answered in this thread. The newly renovated studios do not have ceiling fans, much to my dismay. However, there are many things they did that I think were smart.


    Beach Club Dee
    Jul 19, 2008
    I believe all of the villa rooms have at least a full sized balcony (or patio). Some have balconies that are a little larger than the standard size.



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