Back to reality but here is our recent trip report-HRH/Aventura

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    Jul 3, 2016
    We checked in on Sunday 9/2 to HRH (our first time staying here) it was about 12:30 so our room wasn't ready. First time ever staying club level and they told us at check in it would be on the 7th floor for 2 days then move to a ballroom off the lobby for the remaining days of our stay. This was also the first time we were charged($28x4) for the rollaway (boo!) guess we got lucky at PBH and RPH. I know they have every right to charge but it was my birthday and no warning about club moving so it kinda sucked. They did give me a birthday pin and a voucher for a free treat which was appreciated.

    We headed to the parks while they held our luggage. The walk is really beautiful...if the boat wasn't already at the dock we would just walk so we only took the boat maybe 2 times. We ended up in room 7107 and it had a view of the grassy area by the boat dock. There was a piece of cake waiting that said happy birthday :) We enjoyed the lounge and the food and they seemed to stay on top of it and keep it filled when things would run out.

    The parks were a little busy on Sunday & Monday but very light the rest of the week. I wore my birthday button only on my actual birthday (9/3) and lunch at 3 broomsticks gave me a delicious chocolate & strawberry dessert as a surprise. The food there was very good just like previous trips. We went to a movie and then Cowfish for my birthday dinner and really enjoyed it.

    The pool was great! Enjoyed the live music during the day and watched Back to the Future at night :) My kids enjoyed the slide. We had ice cream from Emack & Bolio's and it was so good!! Overall we really enjoyed HRH and would be happy staying there again. My husband and I are split on club depends next time how much to upgrade but with 5 people we used it for most of our meals. When we were checking out the front desk guy told us we had full use of the lounge that entire day even happy hour. We assumed it ended at checkout but since they were having something different that night (sushi) my family wanted to come back. We had moved to Aventura so our room keys didn't open the doors so I'm not sure how you would get up to the 7th floor but since it was off the lobby we got to enjoy.

    We got to try some new things this trip. When it started pouring like a monsoon we took the rickshaw back to the hotel. It was pouring so hard we couldn't see and we tipped him very well for that ride. On Wednesday we did water ride day the 3 in IOA. We loved the Popeye ride we rode it 4 times in a row. I've been on many of the raft rides at different parks but this one doesn't play around. Most of the time it will look like you are going under a waterfall and stop right when you get there. This ride doesn't hold back and it going to get you soaked one way or another. We thought it was great :) I finally talked my youngest into riding the flyers. He was super nervous but then loved it. We did it about a dozen times this trip...I wish it used express!!

    On Thursday 9/6 we checked out of HRH (reg 2 queen room with rollaway) and moved to Aventura. I was REALLY looking forward to staying here. This is our first split stay and I talked my family into moving because of the extra space we were going to have with the kids suite. I've looked at all the pictures and youtube videos and I guess I had a certain expectation coming in. Since this is getting lengthy I'll post that review soon ;)

    UPDATE in post #5
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    Sounds great!! We love HRH! and stay club level! Sushi night is our favorite! :love:They always have given us access to the club even late on checkout day. I stop at the front desk on checkout day and tell them I'd like access to the club floor. They give us new keys that are for club access only and will work in the elevator.

    Nice about low crowds for most of your trip!:thumbsup2 And :bday: :cake:
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    Sounds like a lovely trip.......

    Glad you had a lovely birthday and such a nice time on the water rides......yep, they really drench you that’s for sure......never tried the ice cream from Emack’s......must rectify that sometime.

    Club level is a mixed choice for some........glad you enjoyed it........we are always offered an extended stay at RP Club Lounge if we need it.........but not everyone does get offered that so you did good!!!

    Looking forward to hearing about your Aventura stay......we haven’t had much feed back yet on that hotel......

    And nice touches on the birthday gifts around the park and hotel........:thumbsup2
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    Dec 9, 2010
    I LOVE Popeye! It's my favorite. We usually do an afternoon of just the water rides too. Sounds awesome so far!
  6. KateSpade79

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    Jul 3, 2016
    Ok so they transferred our luggage from HRH to Aventura while we enjoyed another day at the parks. We drove over about 2-3pm to checkin. The young man that helped with our luggage was so nice and friendly (I should have gotten his name) and the girl checking us in was very nice too. I got a card for a free gelato for my birthday but never used it :( Our room was on the 3rd floor kid suite 310 and it looked out over the front of the building. My first impression was it didn't have that super new feeling I hoped for...there were some spots on the carpet, the sofa (sleeper) already had a stain on it, there was a spot on our comforter, one of the bed lights didn't work and the floors had dust bunnies.

    I went to check out the bathroom and when I went to close it the door handle completely came off. I put it back on and it just fell off again...I needed to use it so my son shut it and said knock when you want out....well i went to turn the handle and the button got pushed in and I was locked in there for 30 mins. I almost had a full on panic attack and my husband was trying everything to help me get out. He ended up calling the front desk and we waited for maintenance to come up. They couldn't get it open so they left to get tools to take the hinges off but my husband got it open with one of their tools. It was glad to be out but very embarrassed! After spending time in the bathroom I noticed it is not like the picture/layout that I thought I was booking. Our room only had 1 sink and a room with just a toilet no walk-in shower. Those are 2 of the main reasons we decided to move since we have 3 kids. We realized we were in a handicapped accessible room. We went to the front desk to sort it out the and basically got told not all kids suites come with 2 sinks/shower and they were full so there was nothing they could do. We went back up to our room disappointed and they didn't seem to really care. I started venting to my TA which is a friend...well she called and they were at out door to move us within 15 mins. They moved us to the room directly above 410. Dev took us up and gave us a few vouchers for our trouble- 3- 1 time use VR room 50% off (same as APH deal) and 2 drink vouchers at the lobby bar (which we didn't get to use). I appreciated the gesture and was feeling better about the hotel.

    We headed back to the parks and the walk to the Sapphire Falls walking path or boat is very easy to get to...there is a sidewalk that takes you to their lobby. Our last ride on the trip my daughter talked me into RRR. I was terrified but it was so fun and we jumped back in line for a second time. On the way back to the hotel we should have taken a bus but I wasn't exactly sure where to find them. We waited in the long boat line for SF. This trip they were only running 1 boat per hotel...our other 2 trips (March and May) they were running at least 2 per hotel. We came back and went up to the 17th floor bar and it really is an amazing view! The elevators run pretty slow and just fyi you have to scan your room key and punch your floor on the touchpad. The food court had lots yummy looking choices. We ended up getting the burger and fries....they make them fresh and they were pretty good.

    We slept so good at HRH but were happy to move to a king size bed. I would take the queen over that....the sheets/comforter were so rough and the bed was very uncomfortable. My boys were happy with the twins but my daughter said the sofa was not comfortable to her. I went down and got breakfast (lots of choices)- we got the waffles, pancakes, meats...they were not good very dry and my kids said pancakes tasted like cornbread? My youngest woke up with sinus drainage and got sick in his bed. It was the day of our MNSSHP tickets and we were nervous if we would get to go. After a bath and something on his stomach he was better. I ran down with my other son to check out the pool for a few minutes. My room key wouldn't work for the pool gates for some reason. The pool was really cold so I hit the hot was fine nothing really special about it. We left the hotel around 1:45 for WDW.

    We had a delicious meal at Kona and headed to the party 9/7. It was our first party and I was so nervous about spending the money hoping I wouldn't regret it. Well everything went so smoothly- weather, rides, crowds...everything!! We had a wonderful time but we were so tired when we got back to the hotel around 12:30am. When we walked down the hall we noticed a do not disturb sign hanging on our door (which we took ours off and it was inside the room). We couldn't believe when we walked in that they didn't service our room. So no sheets on my sons bed, no clean towels, trash and dishes from previous meals in the room, etc. we went down to the front desk to find out why. Kyle was working the front desk and he seemed very concerned and apologetic....the manager (Greg) came out and admitted that housekeeping was probably trying to dump a room. I wasn't asking for anything free I just really wanted the room cleaned but housekeeping was gone for the night. He offered to come make up my sons bed and to either take off a food court charge ($30) or give us breakfast voucher. He said no to both so we took the food charge off because we were just ready to leave the hotel asap. We were obviously not satisfied but he just didn't seem to care. We have stayed at CB, PBH, RPH, and HRH all in the last 6 months....we spend a lot of money and time here and this is the first time we've ever complained about anything. That is one thing I will give WDW is they seem to try to make things right so you leave with a positive experience and here they really didn't care if we left happy or not. He came up to our room and made the bed and then we had to ask for clean towels this was about 1:30am. When he returned he said he reviewed our account and he could take half off the room rate that night but not the food charges too. I said ok thank you...we were pleasantly surprised when we got home and checked our cc it was the half night plus the food. I don't think we will ever stay here again. We might go over to have a drink at the rooftop bar but overall the hotel rooms felt cheap but now we know it is not for us.
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    I probably would not go back to the hotel either

    I have not stayed at the value hotels at UO only booked the deluxe ones

    I shy away from some hotels when I read a review like the one you gave us

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    May 22, 2003
    Yeah - I am already starting to get bad vibes from Aventura - I am concerned 10 nights there will not be an enjoyable experience.
    I dont expect it to be on the level of a deluxe, but what your reporting is unacceptable.
    If handles are already falling off and the kids suites are already taking a beating what will it be like in a year.

    I go mostly for HHN so I will spend very little time in the room - but as a Loews I expect it to be clean and comfortable.

    I recall similar reports when Cabana bay opened- and to be fair I have had issues with the suites at RPR more than once - yes after the remodel.

    I will no doubt be providing info on my stay - thanks for your report
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    That's terrible! I am sorry you had such an awful stay at this hotel.

    I am glad your stay at HRH was better. It's our favorite hotel. I agree the beds are super comfy, we get a great nights sleep there too.
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    Aug 14, 2009
    Hi I am sorry you had a rough stay at Adventura. I agree that the service could deter you from staying there again.

    Glad you enjoyed the HRH! We enjoy that one very much!

    Looking at Adventura really didn't do anything for me. I really like themed resorts. It looked kind of boring. I am sure there are people who really like it though.

    It's always nice to get something when you aren't expecting it. I wore my birthday button and have gotten stuff. It makes you feel special!
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